Have you ever wanted to become a fitness instructor? Nowadays, there has been a surge of new fitness routines that have launched several extremely popular workouts. Each new workout routine then spawns new fitness classes at the gym, workout DVDs, and equipment to support the new craze. Turbo Kick, Turbo Jam, PiYo, & Zumba are some examples of trending fitness routines.Fortunately, each of these workouts are in need of instructors to meet demand! If you have what it takes, you can easily gain access to tools to help you start instructing your very own fitness routine. 

So, how do you become a fitness instructor? Well, it's easy! Focus on a routine that you are most interested in and feel you can perform. For instance, PiYo fitness might be just the routine for you! What is PiYo? PiYo fitness is a combination routine that incorporates yoga & Pilates. In this routine, you'll do tons of push-ups, lunges, and planks. Sounds like fun? It's a blast and you'll find out quickly that PiYo is a massive calorie burner! Here's 5 easy steps to jumpstart your new hobby as a PiYo instructor. 

Attend a Class

The best things you can do is attend classes with new instructors. By learning what other instructors do, it will help you to prepare for your testing. Attend a lot of classes and really get involved with the routine. Remember, if you become an instructor, you will be the person that is leading the group and the sole person to get the group fired up. Focus on what works well for the instructor you are shadowing. Do your instructors stay energized throughout the entire routine? Do your instructors blend their own movements into the routine? What songs did they play during their class? And then take note of what didn't work with the group you attended. Did your instructor make sure everyone were included in the workout? Did your instructor seem enthusiastic to be there? The more you know about PiYo fitness, the more confident you will be when you schedule your first class. 


Once you have attended a few PiYo classes, take some time to perfect your exercises and moves. You can also take time to work on instructing your "pretend" class. Find a group of friends that will help you perform better. But, of course, make sure they are critical! You don't want to be coddled or led to believe you know what you're doing! Practice will make perfect and a combination of attending actual classes and working at it on your own will build up your confidence and make you a star instructor! 

Purchase a Home Study Training

Like some fitness routines, PiYo fitness requires those who want to become instructors to take a test. Don't worry! If you've really put thought and practice into your routine, you should have no trouble overcoming this hurdle. Unfortunately, there may not be any local instructors available to certify you. Therefore, you can buy  "Home Study Training" for roughly $150. These training packets are great for people who do not live near a live instructor training or would like more confidence before testing to be an instructor. Along with practicing and attending classes, you'll find more inspirational information from the packet that will sharpen your routine. 

Overcoming the Test

Once you are able to attend a live instructor training be sure to get ready to test to become a PiYo instructor. Remember, if you've practiced and studied, you'll be great! Stay confident and be yourself. If you know PiYo is for you, you'll be able to pass this test with ease. If you pass, you'll be an instructor! 

Sit Back & Relax

Once you finish testing, just relax. It may take a few weeks to get your testing results. For your information, you will also be ranked based on your technique and performance. If you score high, you may qualify to be a presenter. This is considered "Gold" rank and you should be excited! If you don't get Gold, you can always try again!