Hot Flash Treatment Tips

Hot Flahses TreatmentCredit: amazon.comCooling the heat wave of menopause can be difficult. These heat waves, or hot flashes come on very quickly, and leave you feeling sweaty and chilled.

So just how do you cool menopause hot flashes?  There are a few natural ways, that may just work for you.  It may be frustrating trying different ways, but it is amazing when you finally get to something that works.

They also tend to attack at night, which makes for a broken sleep, which in turn makes you irritable and short tempered the next day from lack of proper sleep.   Which can also make you eat more, and therefore deal with weight gain too!


4 Easy Tips to Try for Cooling Hot Flashes

1. Put your pillowcase in a bag and place it in the freezer, and put it on your pillow just before bed. This will keep your head cool, and help you get to sleep, especially on warm nights.

If the cooling effect doesnt last long enough, you can purchase cooling pillows that have inserts in them to keep your head and pillow cool all night.  If you have a lot of trouble with hot flashes at night, then this is something you may want to try.

If you need something to cool your neck during the daytime, then consider one of the neck cooling pillows as pictured.  If you can keep the back of your neck cool it will help ease the discomfort.


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these cooling neck pillows will really help to lessen the discomfort of a hot flash especially during the daytime.
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These pillows work great for your bed at night.

2. Purchase lavender essential oil, and put a few drops on your pillow case before bed, this will help to keep you relaxed. Lavender is known for its calming qualities, and hot flashes tend to happen more often when we are feeling stressed or anxious. Also try putting lavender in your bathtub for a relaxing soak about an hour before bed.

3. Try to include at least one cup of soy milk in your daily routines, if you can. I personally am not a fan of the taste of soy milk, but started making oatmeal in the morning with it, and love it! I add it to quick cooking oats, microwave to cook it, then add some more soy milk on top and a little bit of brown sugar. This tastes great! Soy milk has been known for helping to deal with the personal heat wave of hot flashes from menopause.

I recently went on holidays and didn't have my usual soy milk/oatmeal in the morning, and I started noticing the hot flashes again, so I know this works for me, maybe it will help you too!

4.  The one foot trick - If you wake up to a menopause hot flash in the night, then try just sticking one foot out from under the covers.  Not sure why, but this seems to help.  Friends of mine try this quite often.  Plus they always wear summer style cotton pajamas to bed to help cool menopause hot flashes.

You can also purchase specialty pajamas that are designed to wick away moisture to keep you more comfortable at night.  Check them out below:


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these cool jams will help to wick moisture away at night.

Finding What Works Best for Your Menopause Hot Flashes

With hot flushes, there is really no wrong or right way to deal with them, it is a matter of finding a solution that works for you. Make sure you wear layers if you get these hot flashes during the day, this way you can peel them off as needed, rather than wearing one bulky sweater.

If you always wore sweaters during the winter months, then maybe you should change your style a bit, to be a cotton t-shirt under a button style sweater or jacket, that can be taken off.  Nothing worse than feeling suddenly very hot, and wearing a sweater that can't be taken off.  You may need to rethink some of your winter wardrobe during this time.

Some women are lucky enough to get through this transition in their life with no problems, others get some annoying symptoms, and many get debilitating symptoms. Since women all react differently to the hormone changes, it doesn't hurt to share ideas and ways of coping with them. Hot flashes seem to be the most common symptoms, so try the above tips and see if you can't cool menopuase hot flashes.

Personally the one foot out from under the covers at night, and the one cup of soy milk per day has made a HUGE difference.

But for a friend it was the cold pillow case.  So, give some of these ideas a try and see if they can help you with your own annoying personal heat wave.