India Places

Are you in search of an interesting travel package? Need some advice or help? Well! If you are a big nature lover or adventure enthusiast, then choose Kerala as your holiday destination but if you love desert safari or wildlife, then Rajasthan is an appropriate destination for you. India is filled with numerous travel destinations and sightseeing spots. Here, you can enjoy attractions like backwaters, beaches, monuments, forts, palaces, wildlife destinations, hill stations and camel safari. Without a tad of doubt, India is one such country that gives you a chance to explore diverse and enchanting wonders.   

Travelers interested in exploring backwaters and wildlife of India can visit Kerala for their next vacation. Kerala, the famous ’Gods Own Country’ presents utmost travel attractions amongst vacationers. Mainly known for their backwaters and wildlife destinations, Kerala is the first choice of all the nature lovers and adventure enthusiast. The fun and excitement one experiences on their backwater stay is truly incomparable. A backwater visit in Kerala let you witness the endless beauty and panoramic surrounding of the state. Also, these backwater rides makes you witness some of the traditional villages of the state. On the other hand, wildlife destinations of Kerala feature several species of rare and endangered animals. You must plan your Kerala trip; it’s really mesmerizing.

However, if you are interested in capturing ancient structures of the country, then plan Rajasthan tours for yourself. A trip to this majestic land will make you catch amazing monuments, forts, palaces and lakes of India. Further, a stay in the heritage hotel of the state will make you familiar with the royalty and majesty of Rajasthan. Most of the travelers visiting Rajasthan often experience the thrilling camel safari of the state. Jaisalmer and Bikaner are the best places to experience this adventurous activity. A trip amidst the audacious Thar Desert will definitely make you fascinated and enthralled.     

Moreover, if are interested in exploring rich heritage and culture of India, then you can visit beautiful temples of Khajuraho. This appealing destination is known for its erotic sculptures, which are carved on the walls of temples. Some of the carvings in Khajuraho portray the simple and beautiful life of the locals of the state. Also, these carvings present different moods of women. Famous activities portrayed on Khajuraho temples are dancing, writing, playing, etc. Most captivating temples to explore in Khajuraho are Parsvanath Temple and the Adinath Temple. Additionally, the destination is also popular for its world famous Khajuraho Dance Festival that held every year starting from February to March. The festival is a real attraction of the place and a must visit event. Well! If you are pleased with this gripping country, then don’t think much, just get your India tours, now.