There is nothing more frustrating than a zipper that is stuck. You can't get out of your clothing and you can't get in. Usually the stuck zipper is at the most inopportune time when you really need to be somewhere else on a deadline. And if you pull to hard, you zipper will become locked in even further or you rip the outfit. The idea of an unstuck a zipper is to quickly and painlessly get the zipper to the bottom. Here are some steps to unstick your zipper

Things You Will Need

Stuck zipper!

Step 1

Check and remove any pieces of debris around the teeth of the zipper. If there is string or paper lodged in the teeth of the zipper it will become impossible to remove. Instead of trying to tug on the zipper, focus on removal of the debris.

Step 2

Use the lead of a pencil. Getting in-between the teeth, see if you can simply color the place were the zipper is being stuck. This functions as a bit of oil to see if you can moved to lodged zipper or what is between the teeth.

Step 3

Consider placing hand lotion on the area where the zipper is stuck. Carefully, as you want to avoid putting it on the clothes, rub the lotion into the teeth to get some oil into the area and create traction.

Step 4

Use a dry bar of soap to see if you can move the zipper by adding some oil. Going on the inside of the zipper, use it on the teeth that are closed as well as the problem area.

Step 5

Once you have your zipper unstuck, you need to determine if this was a one time event or a problem that could happen again. using lotion or soap, you can easily oil the teeth so it doesn't happen again. If you have a garment or jeans that tend to do it often, consider lightly oiling it after every wash. Worse case scenario is that you can't unstick the zipper yourself and end up asking for professional help at your local dry cleaner or seamstress.

Tips & Warnings