There are countless reasons people can screw up your mental mojo when out are trying to write articles. It can especially suck if you are trying to write articles and somebody keeps bugging you. It may be a child, an adult, or an animal. If you are lucky enough you can set-up your own office away from everybody and get yourself into the writing mojo. Everybody has a different method of writing. Here are a few things that get me into a writing frame of mind.


I tend to spend the vast majority of my time typing articles in my laptop as I lie on the couch. Everybody has their own method of working but I cannot see how you people can sit at a desk for 8 hours a day everyday typing. Give me a comfortable sofa to use over a desk anytime.


I love listening to podcasts and sometimes will listen to podcasts while I work, especially when I am spell checking or publishing articles. For the vast majority of time I will listen to music on Spotify. Sometimes I want to be motivated and listen to Tupac and other times I want something calmer and will listen to some Country music or even classical music. If you are friends with me on Facebook then you may notice that I listen to a wide variety of music.

Music is extremely motivating and at the same time calming to me. In order for me to work my taste in music may vary. I always choose music that will help me to work. I may love Tupac but when I am doing intense research for a huge article then I will tend to listen to something calmer such as Country music.



Over the summertime my drink of choice was beer or boxed wine. I had a lot of it. Fortunately I am back to drinking soda pop now and will soon move on to Sunrider Fortune Delight Herbal Tea full-time as I work to get healthier. Although my drink of choice is currently soda pop or iced tea, you may have a preference for coffee or an energy drink. Whatever your preference is it is handy to have access to drinks. I cannot write very well if I am stuck drinking water all of the time. I know this is healthier for me but it just doesn’t work for my “writing mojo”.


I have never been more motivated in my life to get my residual income up higher. I write a lot of articles each month for up-front pay but I want to and need to write a lot more for myself. This does not mean I am cutting back on writing for other people. This simply means I need to write even more hours of the day so I have time to write for myself too. I have something I want so badly and it is so close within my reach, I simply need to build up my passive income higher.


With my old InfoBarrel account I figured I needed to get to 4,000 articles to reach my goals. I was a ¼ of the way there. With my new account that you are reassign on now I have new benchmark and expect my average earnings per article to be  little bit higher than on the Ernie account because of everything I have learned since my earliest days on InfoBarrel. I have a new benchmark of 3,000 articles that I want to get written and published to InfoBarrel. I know this will not happen overnight but I also know if I mess around and do not do enough writing for myself that I will not be able to reach this goal in a reasonable amount of time. By having a goal and working towards it I can track how much progress I am making each day. I want to get this account to 3,000 articles and if I add 25 articles in a week then I am 1/120 closer to my goals. If I increase my output then I can reach this goal much sooner.


Nothing motivates me like seeing money building up in my Adsense account. I was seeing a nice check each month and then I sold all of my Adsense websites and my Ernie account and my Adsense income dropped to zero. I am back to where I was in the very beginning, but now I am seeing results even faster. My per article earnings is much higher than what it was with my old InfoBarrel account. These stats do not really mean anything because my sample size is so small. Either way though, I am seeing Adsense earnings each day again and it feels good.

It does seem funny to go from having a check sent each month to back where I get excited about a click or 2 each day but as long as I jeep writing I know the clicks will keep coming. Each time I get some click son my InfoBarrel account it motivates me to write much more.

Tumblr and Pinterest

I am also motivated by Pinterest and Tumblr. I hate relying on Google because I know the algorithm changes can be altered at anytime cutting off all of my traffic. I have been working to develop some social media traffic from Tumblr and Pinterest. So far it has been doing well. I expect to get a lot of traffic from Tumblr over the next year. Once I begin to get some great results I will share this method with you.


It can be hard for me to focus. I have a million different things I want to pursue and try. I now realize that no matter what I do, it has to revolve around creating content. I am spread out and earning money from multiple sources and types of content including YouTube, InfoBarrel and even Spotify. I know that I need to focus on producing content and for me the easiest form of content to produce is articles and blog posts. I know that if I focus specifically on writing articles that I can build up my income faster than if I get to spread out and am constantly trying new projects.