Do you wish you could get organized for Christmas? I do too. I always tell myself that this year will be different - that I'll finally get my act together. But I always end up waiting until the last minute to do pretty much everything - especially shop for gifts, but I've waited until the last minute for almost everything.

You name it, I've done it. I've wrapped gifts at the last minute and either my tape or my scissors always goes missing at crucial moments. I've scrambled around the house cleaning the toilets and picking up hairballs only to finally put the scrub brush down seconds before the first guest arrives. And yes, I even had to put together a last minute Christmas Dinner that consisted of spaghetti with meat sauce. It wasn't my best - I had to buy the sauce at a convenient store.

But this year I really mean it. I swear. I am going to be organized this Christmas - more organized than I've ever been. Here are some of the things I'll do:

  • Christmas cards. I'll send them early - as soon as Black Friday hits. Last year I don't recall even sending them. By the time I thought of it, they wouldn't have arrived before Christmas
  • Buying gifts. Gee, wouldn't it be nice if I already had my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving? There's not much time left but I am determined and will meet my goal.
  • Baking for Christmas. This is something that I can definitely do in advance especially if the baked goods freeze well. Cookies, especially butter cookies, are good candidates for this.
  • Shop online. So what will I do if I don't get all my shopping done before Black Friday? Simple. I'll shop online at a place like Amazon.