If you have pets, especially if they go outside, then fleas may very well be a fact of life. Therefore, it's significant to know how to contend with this yearly menace, which commonly endures from early Spring, until late into the Fall, when temperatures become too frigid for them to live in the outside.

Fleas are essentially a type of leech. They must consume a blood meal to procreate, so they hop on an animal, and even individuals, prick, feast and leap off. Just discovering one or two on your pet, is not an honest indicant of how bad your flea trouble may be. But when you discover them bulging off and on you, or surfaces in your house, you have probably got a full-fledged plague.

The breeding rhythm of a flea is such that if they do get inside your home, feed upon animals, and then lay eggs, there is the potential of having to contend with them for months on end. Fleas can even sink themselves and their eggs deep in pile carpeting, where they will incubate 3-4 months down the road.

The key to ceasing a trouble before it grows, is to treat your pets, if they go outdoors. If you have strictly inside cats, there is no need to treat them unless you have evidence of fleas being trailed indoors by humans. This can happen, particularly in the rural area, or hot, humid regions, which incline to give the breeding cycle a supercharge.

The most popular products on the market today, are Advantage, Revolution, and Program. Each of these has dosages and treatments contrived for both dogs and cats of variable sizes. Advantage and Revolution are pesticide liquids that are put on to the nape of the neck, and/or along the back where animals can't lick. When the flea bites the animal's skin, it dies. Program is a pill for dogs, and liquid for cats. This functions not by poisoning the flea, but by presenting a flea hormone into the dog or cat's system, which will be consumed when the flea feeds on their blood. It keeps the shell case of flea eggs from solidifying, thus stopping the procreative cycle when the fleas die.

All these products will exterminate what is attempting to feed on your pets, but if the plague is reasonably grave, you should search the advice of your veterinarian for a pest control treatment for you house, as well.