People usually think that a happy marriage is in one’s own hands and that any bumps or challenges along the way can easily be sorted out, right? I mean, you’re both in love, what could get in the way of a happy marriage? In reality however, the situations are not usually as simple as they seem and there are always factors that are beyond your control that will pose a challenge to your relationship. Challenges abound in married life just as they do in other facets of your life. Some of these challenges may be quite simple, while others are pretty complex and sensitive. 

Therefore, it is important that your relationship and married life is generally happy and stable. A happy and stable marriage significantly helps both of you face and deal the various challenges that will come your way. In order to keep your relationship strong and happy, a consistent effort is constantly required. Here are few tips that may help you:

Rule #1

Keeping and maintaining a required level of communication with your partner is of vital importance. Healthy communication would mean sharing your worries, concerns and views with each other in a light mood or setting. Sitting in front of the TV or computer all day long and killing time on weekends will not help your married life as much as half an hour of responsible conversation with your spouse.

Rule #2

Admitting one’s mistake is a vital step in resolving tensions between the two of you. Many a time we take our partner for granted and after a long debate or heated argument, we assume that the situation will end up fine by itself. It may end up fine without having to achieve some closure, but don’t forget that once ill feelings are developed in hearts it keep on multiplying and could one day just boil over. So it is always better to address these issues and resolve them at the earliest stage. The best way to do so is to communicate with each other and never underestimate the power of an apology and of forgiveness in terms of bringing closure to arguments.

Rule #3

Falling in love with somebody is not difficult, what requires effort is maintaining that love. The automatic impulse of living with each other may lose its appeal after a few years of marriage and then your relationship will need regular nurturing in order to keep it in growing in a healthy manner. Both partners have to work with each other and support each other to keep the spark alive.

Rule #4

Don’t forget that we receive what we give. In order to get a good return from your partner you have to give the same. Be more affectionate and respect your partner’s feelings and emotions. There is no harm in telling them that they mean a lot to you. Express your feelings, you are very likely to receive the same from your partner in return. Mutual reinforcement helps build bonds that will strengthen your marriage.

Rule #5

Remember, fixing your relationship never means fixing your spouse. You have to accept your spouse as a package deal, with some good and some bad habits. Of course, some changes in both partners are required. Both partners have to learn how to compromise and make sacrifices at certain stages in the relationship. However, avoid trying to turn your partner into someone or something he or she is not. This will eventually breed resentment and a feeling from your partner that you do not respect him or her for who he or she is as a person.

We hope working on these lines will improve your relations with your better half and will lead you to a long lasting and happy married life with the person you love.

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