A zero gravity experience is one that you will never forget. Grasping the entire process of weightlessness, you will be on an aircraft that under takes a parabolic flight maneuver allowing you to float in the sky.

To have a zero gravity experience, you need to find those companies who offer it. As it is a speciality sport, don't be surprised that your friends and family don't want to come along to feel it too.

Here's how to have a zero gravity experience.

Things You Will Need

Need for an adventure!

Step 1

Take a minute to locate a company that offers a zero gravity experience. Usually these companies are at locations where they train astronauts or have flight schools.

Step 2

Make sure the company is FAA licensed to offer zero gravity experiences to the public. There are only a few companies that are and they always list their safety records.

Step 3

Find out the dates and times for the flights of the zero gravity experiences. If you have time and it works into your schedule, make the reservation. Also required will be a half or more deposit.

Step 4

The day of the experience, arrive 30 minutes prior to when you need to be there. Make sure you bring your camera (to take a few snapshots) and plenty of nerves.

Step 5

Your crew will instruct you on how to get the most out of your zero gravity experience. And these instructions should be taken to heart as when you float in space, you need to know what you are doing.

Step 6

Once your zero gravity experience is over, you can take home your pictures and memory to share with the family. And if you feel the itch to have another zero gravity experience, consider joining the zero gravity club where members go up to float often. A zero gravity experience is the closest experience a 'regular' person will get to walking n space.

Tips & Warnings