As a new college graduate you may be wondering what is the most effective way to go about getting a job that you will truly enjoy. Here are some of the top tips to help you get a job as a new college graduate.

Go on Vacation

Now is the time to take a Holiday! Yes I am recommending that you go on an extended vacation. If you have always wanted to backpack around Europe then now is the best time to do it. By not forcing yourself to hurry and get a career you can be more selective. Yes making a lot of money is often important to new college graduates but finding a job that makes you excited for life is much more important than getting a career simply because it pays a lot.

You only have one life and you want to ensure that you enjoy it as opposed to slaving away at a high-paying job that you think sucks. After graduation there will be a big rush of new graduates snapping up all of the top paying jobs but if you are not rushing to get the first job opportunity that comes your way then you can position yourself to get a much better job. It can also help to go on vacation so you can help clear your mind and think about what you would like to do for the long-term. Read a Graduate Recruitment Blog and listen to the advice of the people who are older and understand the mental process you are going through.



If you have always wanted to live and work in a particular City then now is the best time to do it. Why look for a job in an area where you do not really want to live? If you want to live in an area then you can take the advice above and take a vacation in the area and then if you still like it start looking for a job there. You are young and have a college education so you should be able to move and live wherever you desire?


Many times when you are getting your first “real job” you may be most interested in how much you will be earning but this is wrong. There is so much more to look for in a job besides just the size of the paycheck. What is the work environment like? Would you enjoy working there? Do you get medical benefits? Are you able to transfer in the future if you decide you want to move to a new area? Do you stand a reasonably good chance of getting promoted within the company? These and a thousand other questions you should be asking yourself before accepting any job offer with a company.