9 Healthy Sleeping Tips

Natural ways to sleep better

sleeping-with-napsCredit: parramitta on flckr

1.  Don't oversleep
Oversleeping will aid in helping you to create a bad habit, where you'll not want to
wake up in the morning.  It is a bad idea to keep putting the alarm clock on snooze
and ignoring your wake up time.  It will also influence laziness, and will not make you
productive at all.  If you sleep for too long…it will just make you even more tired and get into a bad cycle.

2. Remain consistent
It helps a lot to keep a consistent time to sleep during the day.  People are habitual
beings, and we often get used to doing things, so if you gradually change your sleeping
schedule to go to bed at the same time every night, it will help you to sleep faster and easier
at the same time each night.  If you continue to keep a consistent bed time each day,  your body
will naturally begin to become tired and let you know that it is time to sleep.

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3. Take short naps
Napping isn't only for babies and toddlers.  Nap time is an important part of the day, because
our bodies need time to adjust and rejuvenate from the activities of the day.  A quick nap will
help your body gain back energy lost throughout the day.  I recommend to take a short nap between 20-30 minutes of sleep.  Be careful not to oversleep with this nap time, because it will make you become more tired when you awake, in addition to messing up your daily sleeping schedule.

4. Do not go to sleep before it's bedtime
This is important because going to sleep before it's your bedtime will cause you to have inconsistent sleeping patterns.  If you sleep before your usual sleeping time, you might end up waking up frequently throughout the night at awkward times throughout the night.  This will ruin your sleep because you may find yourself waking up too early in the morning, or very late at night.

5. Exercise
Try to remain fit and exercise frequently.  Exercising will help you to become more healthy  and
give you more energy to last throughout the day.  Exercising will help your health, and help
you to have the energy you need to carry out your daily activities, allowing you to not become tired as fast during the day.

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6. Turn the tv, computer, and lights off
It's better to sleep with the television and computer off when you are trying to sleep.  These electronic distractions will cause you to remain awake, wanting to listen to or view what is happening on them.  A lot of people tend to just flip aimlessly through channels, or browse through websites and emails, even when there's no clear intention beside creating a distraction for themselves.  They also tend to create bright lights in dark room settings, making it harder for you to fall asleep.

7. Make sure you're comfortable
It's important to be relaxed when you getting ready to sleep.  All the way from the things you wear, to the position you are sleeping in.  You should position yourself how you like to be when your sleeping.  Use pillows and decide on what kind of mattress is best suited for your back and body.  They range in a variety of softnesses from soft to hard.

8. Take a bath or shower
It may be a good idea for you to take a bath or shower before you go to sleep.  You'll be nice and relaxed before sleeping.  It might be annoying trying to sleep while being hot, sweaty, and sticky.  By taking a shower or bath, you'll clean your body, open your pours and cool off your body.

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9. Don't have midnight snacks
Your body needs time to digest the food you eat.  If you eat right  before you sleep, you might be uneasy or want to stay up later and ruin your daily sleeping schedule.  A lot of people tend to eat when they are bored.  I suggest as an alternative towards eating late, is to exercise instead.

Thank you for reading this article, and I encourage you to take action by doing some of these activities if you are experiencing difficulty in sleeping.  Feel free to leave a comment, and add any other tips and suggestions you can think of.