It is always good to get the maximum out of the technology that you have in your home. There are several ways through which you can enhance your internet speed and ensure that it is running efficiently and smoothly. Here are some tips to help you achieve just this.

Upgrade your router

It is possible to improve your speed by improving the quality of the router that you are using. The difference can really be marked. Older routers tend to not offer as effective connectivity with the devices around the home, and also smaller aerials tend not to provide as far reach either.

Go for an enhanced Wi-Fi signal

If you have more than one phone socket in the house try and ensure that your router comes off the main socket. Additionally, if possible connect wirelessly in a location that has line of sight to the router. Walls, ceilings and other obstacles can interfere with connectivity and degrade the service that you receive on your device.

Manage distance between your device and the router

Generally, the closer you are to your router, the better the service you will get. If you are between 2 and 5 meters away, you will likely get just about as fast internet as you can on a wireless system. If you get further away, your connection will get slower. If you get within 2 meters, there can actually be interference and the connection can deteriorate. So, optimally, you should be between 2 meters and 5 meters, and up to 10 meters away, to expect the best out of your internet.

Get an up-to-date browser

Internet browsers such as Microsoft explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox are updated on a regular basis. It is important to update to the latest browsers to get the fastest speeds in terms of web browsing, streaming, and other online services.

Clear your cache

Every time you search online the browser will store certain data to make browsing a better short term experience. As you accumulate data in your cache it can impact on internet performance. So, it is important to every now and again clear out your cache. The cache is variously known as browsing history, temporary internet files, private data, or browsing data.

Clear out your browser and improve the performance.

Browse off peak for fastest speeds

Between around 6 pm and 11pm, the internet will tend to slow down, because there is more congestion on the lines. More browsers putting more demands on the broadband road network will mean you will not be able to do things as quickly (much like trying to drive home in rush hour). Your more intensive activities will ideally be done off peak. If need be, download off peak and watch at peak times.

Switch providers

If you are really having trouble with the internet speed, then you can have a shop around and switch providers. Often you will be tied into a contract, but if you can show that your speed is not matching up to the service standards that are expected of your contract, then you may be able to negotiate a release from the contract.

There are plenty of online sites through which you can test internet speed and find out exactly what your upload and download speeds are. If they are incongruent with the offering you are supposed to receive, and then talk to your provider, ask them to fix it, and if they cannot, consider exiting the contract in a mutually agreeable manner, and find a provider that can provide you with the service that you require.