So you've spent hundreds of thousands buying the house of your dreams, and then a few thousand more on redecorating the lawn, building a new fence and planting new palms in the front yard. But what about the interior of your house? When guests come in, shouldn't they be as impressed with the inside of your home as much as they are with its exterior? If you've been neglecting your home's interior design, here a few tips to remedy the problem.

1. Colors
Giving your house a new interior paint job can make a world of difference in terms of its look and feel. Experiment with new colors, especially if your walls are still white from when you first bought the house. Color creates mood and ambiance, and a new coat of paint will make your walls look clean and new.

2. Furniture
After a new paint job, major furniture pieces are the next biggest thing affecting a home's overall interior design. If you've had the same furniture for years, try purchasing new pieces. Don't be afraid to go with radically different styles, and always make sure that the pieces you pick are the right size for your house.

3. Accent pieces
Accent furniture pieces can complete the look of a home's interior by making it feel cohesive. With matching accent furniture placed tastefully throughout the living room and kitchen, you can give your house a sense of continuity that will pull the overall design together. However, beware of over-saturating your house with accent furniture. Too many vases, wall hangings or plants can make a house look tacky. You may also trying to add custom decorative hardware to your current interior design.

4. Feng Shui
The good news is that Feng Shui does not require you to spend more money on furniture or decorations. The only thing you need to do is some reading. You can find plenty of materials at your local library that will teach you how to arrange the objects in your home to create a more relaxing and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

5. Home Design
If the local building inspector gives you the go ahead, try tearing down and/or building new walls in your house. This can radically transform your house and create more space in which to move and decorate.