It is proven that any adult who wants to read faster, can. The only thing it takes to be a faster reader is the need to improve, the willingness to try new things, and the desire to practice. Understanding the material you are reading will make it much more possible to increase reading speed. If you do not have the necessary comprehension skills and vocabulary you will have more difficulty.

When learning to speed read, it is possible for a person to speed up their rate of reading considerably without having to sacrifice comprehension of the material they are reading. If you are reading faster but not understanding what you have read, then you are not really making a difference in your reading speed because you will just have to re-read everything in order to understand it.

Slower reading rates are caused by many different things. One of the problems is not enough reading practice; another problem could be that you are scared of not understanding the reading material. Worrying about comprehending the material will slow down any reader. You will also find that regression is a big problem that can cause slower reading speeds. Regression is the act of re-reading material needlessly and not realizing you are doing it.

If you are having a problem with recognizing words or are limited in your ability to read each word, you could be slowing down your reading speed. Faulty eye movement is another problem for some readers. This happens when the eyes tend to wander to other parts of the page while you are trying to read a specific part.

If you want to improve reading speed you will need to follow four simple steps. Step one is to just have your eyes examined. Step two is to stop pronouncing each word as you read it. In step three, you will need to work on concentrating on key words or ideas that are meaningful to the material, while forcing yourself to try reading faster. Step four is to stop regressing while reading. You will know if you are regressing if you keep re-reading certain parts of the material.

Here are a couple of helpful tips to help you increase reading speed. The first tip is to review the material before you start reading. Look at the heading of the material and the names of the chapters, and go over any material that may be relevant to what you are about to read. While doing these things, try to increase the speed at which you are reading. If you need to comprehend a particular part of the material, you need to slow down your reading speed to make sure you understand what you are reading. But if you are reading a section you are familiar with or that you will not need to know then you can read much faster.

Keep practicing these tips and you should be able to increase reading speed without sacrificing comprehension.