Whether you are dealing with luxury apartments in Boston or just low cost housing, cold calling is a common tactic used by almost every sales person. If you find cold calling a tedious and hard job to complete, we have listed a few of the helpful tips you can apply to make your cold calling routine easier. Following these tips can even lead to more sales for you and thus allow you to make more money. But their main goal is to make the task of cold calling easier for you.

Change the name – the name cold calling itself sounds boring and dull. Therefore, you may have a tendency to lose interest in doing the job even before actually doing it. Why not call it “direct response calls” for example or maybe “sales follow-up calls”. Besides, most of the people you are calling are likely prospective buyers or clients, who may have shown an interest in real estate properties in the Boston area.

Be in the right mindset – it is important that before you start making calls, you will be in the right mindset. If you are making call to sell apartments for rent Boston, maybe you should put down the phone first and think about the reasons why you are calling. Instead of approaching every call from an offensive standpoint, try to imagine that you are making this call to give someone the gift of valuable information. You can give them a list of homes sold within the area or a reliable comparative market analysis. Make sure that you are proud of what you are presenting so that your prospect client can appreciate it and will be more likely to take an interest in what you’re telling them.

Use the permission based approach – it is important that you get the permission of the person you are talking to before you continue with your sales message. You can create a template to use in all your direct response calls and adapt it to your unique needs.

Let them feel you are excited with the relationship you will make – if you are doing the permission-based approach for making calls, the person you are calling will likely be more open and friendly with you. Focus on what you want and try to make a connection with the person on the other end of the line, make them your prospect client and convert them into transactions later.