Why an unique writing style can make your web content more attractive

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Creating a unique writer's style is very important to branding your content online. There are simple ways that you can start using a unique style of writing that is simply 'yours' and will be more identifiable to your readers in an instant. In many cases, the last thing that freelance writers tend to think about is their writing style. This is what makes your articles and web content unique compared to everyone else. Sometimes writers are too worried about keywording, key word phrases, and factual content to worry about the style of their writing. It really can make a world of difference in the way that you receive traffic to your content around the web.

How can writing style make your articles more unique? Writing styles are pretty much simplified into your personatilty online. How many times you have read a generic article online, thought it was boring and went to find another article on the same subject? I'm sure it's happened at least once. If you can create a unique writing style that keeps readers interested while still explaining things, you must be doing pretty good.

Being creative with wording, phrases, and format are the three top ways that you can create an unique writing style without really trying so hard. For instance, in many of my articles I use a few favorite phrases. I tend to add a sense of humor to some of my articles for a flare, but yet still be professional. I also tend to bold the first sentence in a paragraph, simply because it catches reader's eyes better. I tend to use the same types of phrases when I'm making a point in my articles. It's like fingerprinting an article online.

Tips of creating a unique writing style:

  •     Start with finding your 'voice'. Some people use sarcastic witty humor in article to get to a point, while others jump right in and give their full opinion. Either way, make your voice heard. Think of how you feel about the subject your writing on, and try to find an angle to work with.
  •     Find key phrases that you can work into web content. For me, I tend to use questions as a paragraph opener, or I will write an article from a FAQ point of view. I also use terms like "Simply put.." or "In reality.." or "Thus meaning..". Simple phrases in sentences that make your writing different than another person.
  •     Pick topics that you are generally interested in. Sometimes, as writer we push our own boundaries and try something new. That's great, however if you have to push it out of yourself and it does not flow naturally, you just are not feeling it. If you are not feeling the subject, take a break, and find a new subject and come back later. If you are still stumped maybe you should find a new topic.
  •     Write what you know and try not to 'wing it'. If you want a unique writing style, don't try to literally 'bs' your way through it. Instead, research the subject and try to new something new. If you still have no idea what you are truly writing about, let it go. it's better to have lost an article than publish something incrediably off the wall. When you know what you are talking about, your writing style come off way more confident and be much more presentable.