Moving day is almost never fun. It usually involves a lot of sweat, complaining, and maybe a little blood and tears. While you may be excited to move to your own place it can be dreadful getting all your stuff there. However, there are a few keys to moving that makes it significantly less dreadful. Be mindful, lifting boxes and furniture is still hard work, but these tips make it significantly less so.



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Get Rid of The Extras

Before the day of your scheduled move while you are going through and packing all your stuff, stop and take a look at it. Do you need that Hawaiian shirt you wore once to a work thing and never again? What about that broken TV stand that doesn't sit level? No, you don't need these things. Packing and moving is a prime chance to consolidate your stuff. Take old clothes and  donate them, or give them away. Throw away anything that is broken.

Go through all your things and get rid of anything that you don't use. This is tip number one for an obvious reason. The less things you have, the less things you have to move to a new place. Pack rats will have a difficult time of this, however you can always get new stuff at your new residence.

Another side note is that you should clean the products you are taking or donating before doing so. Washing donated items is just common curtsey, but washing items you are taking to your new home prevents dragging in dust and grime to your new pad.

Keep a List

Before your move day, make a list. List everything that needs to get done, not so much what needs to get packed. You know what needs to get packed, but what needs to get done. Write down information on what services you have and need to get transferred. Services such as water, power, mail, subscriptions, memberships,  phone service, and cable. If you are taking them to your new home, you need to have them transferred there. if not, they need to be cancelled so as to not incur any excess charges. You should also include any repairs that need to be made to your old home before moving, especially if you live in a rent controlled apartment, you definitely want to see that safety deposit handed back to you.

This list will help all the things that need doing get done on time so you don't have to worry about it after. Also, it's helpful if you don't spend your first night in your new home without power.

Pack Smarter

It may seem like the obvious ideas to pack all your bath towels and other cloth into a box for at least one nice light box, however, you can actually cut down on the boxes and the other random paper trash created from moving by doing it another way. Instead of putting towels in a box, use them in place of newspaper to wrap your breakable objects. Newspaper ink can run off and stain some things, so in a way towels are a better option all around.

If you run out of towels and linens, but still have breakable things to that need padding, try plastic grocery bags. They provide enough padding and can be reused as garbage bags for smaller trash cans.

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Pack Heavy Objects in Smaller Boxes

It may seem alluring if you have a lot of heavy small items to put them in a large bin just to have one super heavy thing to move that isn't furniture. However, unless you have movers or a dolly, moving that one bin is going to hurt you. It may be physically as in putting your back out or it may just make you extra tired.

Instead of packing heavy things like books into one big bin, put them in smaller boxes. This will be easier in the long run. They are smaller and lighter, making for safe and energy efficient moving. In order to further keep from stressing your back out, avoid bending over and setting boxes on the ground. Whenever possible, stack boxes on a raise surface like a table or kitchen counter.

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Get a Lift

If you have a lot of heavy furniture and are still set on moving yourself, do yourself and everyone helping you a favor—get some moving equipment. U-haul sells all sorts of moving equipment like hand trucks, furniture dollies, forearm moving straps, and furniture slides. All of which are designed to ease the strain on your back and make moving easier.

Think of this moving equipment as an investment. After moving a few heavy armoires, arms and backs start to get tired. When people get tired accidents happen. You definitely don't want to drop any of your antique furniture and watch it shatter in your new driveway. Be smart, get some lifting assistance equipment.

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Have Someone Watch the Kids

Unless you have teens, chances are your young children aren't going to be of too much help during your move. Hire a babysitter for children and pets on your move day to keep them busy while you are working. This helps keep them from being underfoot, preventing hurt body parts and feelings.

Maybe keep them somewhere in your new home where you will not be moving new objects or at a friend's house. After you move your children's stuff into their room, you can get them involved in the process by having them unpack and be part of the process. It is also a chance to cure some of the anxiety children have when moving by allowing them to arrange their room as they like.

Load Wisely

This is an old tip but it still bear repeating. When loading your moving van or truck, stack heavy items on the bottom and light items on top of them. Make sure furniture is strapped down and breakable boxes are put in a safe place where they wouldn't be harmed if contents were to shift during travel.

Pack any essential items like diapers, medicine, or toiletries last so you can have easy access to them right when you arrive if needed.