Anyone can and should buy art.  Buy what you like and what you can afford.  However, assembling an art collection is a little different matter.  Your artwork in a collection should relate together in some manner.  Maybe you want to collect Disney art, tropical art, or inspirational art.

You will need a couple of skills to make an art collection.  You will need to research and to cultivate the skill of collecting.

If you have already bought any art, and put any thought or research into the piece you bought, you probably already have some research skill.  And you probably have no problems with simply buying pieces you like.  If that is what you want to do, no problem.  Keep on buying what you like, and display it like you want.Juan Gris - Portrait of Picasso

Great Collection

But what if we want a Collection of Art?  Then we need to put a little more thought into what we buy.  There is an overwhelming diversity of subject matters, mediums and price ranges to choose from.  But if we want to have a Collection, we need to institute a buying program that is controlled and purposeful.  Think of a purpose for your collection, or a way that you want your pieces to relate to each other.

Great collectors become as well now as many artists and the artworks they collect.  Walter P Chrysler Jr is known for the Chrysler collection, a collection of modern French Art.  There are several Rockefeller Collections.  Nelson Rockefeller collected modern and non-western art.  Rockefeller also collected Mexican folk art.  The Phillips collection is a collection of modern art pieces.  Pieces in a collection should be able to be good on their own, but will gain stature because of the company they are in.

What makes a Great Collector? 

Experts feel it is the ability to look at all the possibilities of art, and assemble a group of artworks in such a manner that the collection will be able to increase one’s understanding of a specific field of art, or of art in general.

With any collection that is put together cohesively, the whole group will be greater than the sumThe Girlhood of Mary Virgin, oil on canvas, Tate Britain of the parts.  As stated before, the value of piece increases because of its company.  When the collector is able to put together such a collection, they will become a respected authority in the field, and in some cases will become the trendsetter as others emulate the collector.

So Great Art Collections can be as influential as great pieces of art.  A Great Art Collection can even be considered a piece of art in its own right.  Maybe you will have the next great beach art collection, or a stunning canvas art collection. You need to just start with one piece, and increase the collection in a purposeful way.

Taking The First Step

 The first step to being a great collector and acquiring a great collection is to be true to your tastes.  You want to be able to enjoy, appreciate, and understand your art, and that will only happen when you pick pieces you like.  This will also help you to then get the best value and quality of art.  Listen to yourself and not to others.  Do your research on your art, but if you like a piece and think it is a good value, don’t worry about what others will say or what is popular in the market at the time.  You want to assemble a collection of what you like, and if you do it right, the others will be following you.

 Remember, in assembling a great art collection, you are making an artwork of your own that is composed on many different pieces of art.  Just like the artist following his own inner voice of self-expression, you need to do the same.  Assemble your art work following your inner voice.