Mobile phones have become an indispensable utility now-a-days all over the world.  Like any other gadget, mobile phone also has so many pros and cons. The main pros are that it connects people from all places, irrespective of metropolitan, urban, township or remote areas. However, later studies conclude that the electromagnetic waves given out by the phone can cause cancer. World Health Organization has released this news recently and it’s time to take precautions before it’s too late. It is also said that prolonged use of mobile phones can make people hard of hearing. Some tips to protect you from the hazardous effects of using mobile phones are:

1. Regulate the use of cell phones for talking important matters only. Don’t over-talk or don't consider it as an entertainer.

2. Sending messages is the most desirable way of communication.  An “sms” is far more better than making a call.

3. At home, make your calls from the telephone instead of using a mobile phone.

4. Don’t disclose your mobile numbers to everyone. Give them only to those who are important for you.

5. Always keep the phone in a pouch or a bag. This is an effective way of keeping and maintaining the mobile phone.

6. Some people attach the phone pouch to their bodies while going out. Constant touch with the body can cause undesirable effects. Remove those attachments and put them in bags or purses.

7. It’s a good practice to hold the phone not only close to one ear, but also to the other as this may lessen the strain of ears.

8. Some people connect medical gadgets to their body for getting comfort from illness. They   should not forget to keep mobile phones at some distance as the radiations coming into contact with electricity are harmful.

9. It’s safe to keep mobile phones out of the reach of children and the old-aged.

10. Remember to use mobile phones of high quality and brand. Those with difficulty in receiving signals can cause more strain to the ears and may lead to deafness.

11. Charging mobile phones daily can make battery status “full” for their effective functioning.

12. It is advised not to use mobile phones when there is lightning and thunder.

13. Using head phones is a more preferred for talking. However doctors have declared that they should not be used while doing exercises.

 Strict observation of these measures can help you protect yourself from the disastrous effects of using a mobile phone to some extent. Some of the tips may seem to be impractical, but spending a few minutes can save you from the blast.