Your New Puppy Wants to Please You So Use These Tips to Get Your Relationship Started Off Right


You are just getting home from buying a young, brand new puppy that you cannot wait to have around your loving home, but the only problem is, he isn’t potty trained yet. Don’t panic! There’s no need to worry when you have these simple and easy steps to help you out in the process of potty training your new family member in an uncomplicated, easy to remember, fast acting habits. You’ll need is a potty command, you must effectively use correct discipline, and of course, you’ll need to be patient and consistent. 


Use a Potty Command

First thing is first, you must choose a potty command. This will be a word that you decide to use when you want your puppy to go to the bathroom. A good example of this would be saying “good potty.” This would be a good command to use because it’s positive and shows your puppy he is doing a good job by going to the bathroom where you want him to. Only use this word when you want him to go to the bathroom so that he learns that’s what the command means, and to only go in the places where you’ve said that command, unlike in the house. If you have a sense of humor and want to amuse your friends, you can also teach your dog to go potty with a command that incorporates your least favorite sports teams.  For example, I have a friend who taught his German Shepherd to go potty with the command of “Take a Beaver.”  Only be careful, you could run into problems during that big rivalry game.  Which ever tactic you decide to use, the most important thing is to be consistent.  

Use the Same Area to Go Potty

If you’d prefer to have only a certain spot be used as a bathroom for him or her, select a designated area in your yard, lead your puppy there to go to the bathroom, and use the command only while he is in that area. Eventually you will be able to let him go by himself and he will have learned to use only that spot, going there automatically. This is helpful so that you only have one area you need to worry about cleaning up when it comes time for that duty and also the consistency of having a set spot helps your puppy learn. Having a command makes it easier to direct your dog, and having a designated area makes the overall work a lot easier on you.

Use The Right Discipline

Using the correct and right amount of discipline while potty training your puppy is a very important part of the potty training procedure. Whenever he or she does a good thing, always tell them they are a good dog and praise them. When you do this, it helps your puppy associate the behavior with the reward.  Your puppy desperately wants to please you, so using this motivational tactic works very well.   Just like a child, they don’t know right from wrong until you teach it to them. Whenever they are going to the bathroom outside, always say “good dog” to show them that going outside is a good thing. If there is an accident inside, say “No” very firmly and send them outside calmly. Never yell or get overly angry because that will only teach them to be afraid of you, not help them understand what you’re trying to teach them any easier.  Some people believe that using fear as a training tactic is an effective means of training your dog.  However, dogs that are trained out of fear can develop many psychological problems that will be more difficult to deal with in the long run. 

Also, if there is an accident in the house and you didn’t see it happening or catch them in the act, do not correct them. The time has already passed where they have done the bad thing and they have forgotten about it. If you choose to correct them then they will think they are getting in trouble for doing whatever it is that they are doing at that point in time. Using the right disciplinary actions is key to fast acting, positive results in your potty training procedure. 

Be Consistent and Patient

The most important part of potty training a new puppy is to be consistent and patient. Understand that puppies will go potty in the house as they are learning.  You might want to wait on that new carpeting until after you have successfully potty trained your puppy. Whenever there is an accident, make sure that you clean it a hundred percent. You must get everything up from the base of the carpet or else the puppy will still be able to smell the urine, and think that it’s an okay place to go to the bathroom. You must also always be on the lookout for warning signs. Find out the way your dog behaves before he’s about to go to the bathroom and send him out before he has the chance to go inside the house. Also be diligent about taking your puppy outside to try to go potty (and using your potty commands) every few hours.  Never get overly angry, and always praise. These are very important things to stick to, even when you’re already upset about something else, because the puppy will only read anger as being directed at him, not knowing where some of it could have already started from. Remain in the same steps even if it seems like it isn’t working. Eventually it will click in your puppies mind and he or she will understand it. 

Potty training your new puppy can be a very difficult task at some points, but if you stick to these three simple steps, it’s guaranteed to make your training process easier, smoother, and much more desirable. Never give up on your puppy or slack in any of the steps. Pick a great potty command, don’t over or under discipline, and be as calm, tolerant, and constant as you can be and you won’t be sorry.