There are many stop smoking aids that can help a smoker to quit the habit. Some options are nicotine replacement therapy, hypnosis and also going cold turkey. These methods may work easy for some while others seem to struggle. The key to help a smoker from stop smoking is to use your brain and body together.

Think of some reasons that are beneficial for you to quit smoking. Write them down on a piece of paper. For example, your health will improve, your clothes will smell fresher and you will save money. On the other side of the paper, write down the reasons you want to stop smoking. It may be to please your family or it is also an expensive habit and so on. Keep this paper with you at all times. When you have a craving, look at it and let it be a reminder of what you are trying to accomplish.

Believe it or not taking deep breaths will also help you alleviate nicotine cravings. Half of what a smoker breathes in while taking a puff out of a cigarette is fresh air. The minute you feel a craving take two to three deep breaths and exhale. You will be putting more oxygen into your blood and this will make you feel better and help you overcome your cravings.

Take time to think of what will happen if you do not quit smoking. How will it affect your health or those around you? Would you like for your children to become smokers? Think of all the things that could happen if you do not quit smoking today. Next, think of all the positive things that might happen if you were to quit smoking. You might not feel so breathless anymore and reduce your risk of lung cancer tremendously. Imagine how better your life would be without smoking and hold on to that image every time you have a craving.

Now smokers are used to taking a break and continue to do so. However, use the break to do something different. Take a walk, read a book or magazine. It would be a good idea to drink a fruit juice or eat a fruit in this break. When you quit smoking, blood sugar levels tend to drop. Fruit juice and fruit have fructose in them which will enable the body to restore blood sugar levels to normal. Also, avoid caffeine when you quit smoking, as nicotine breaks down caffeine. So if you have a cup of coffee it will affect you in a big way. Drink plenty of water instead.

Reward yourself every time you reach a milestone such as the first week, the first month, the first two months, and so on. Remind yourself how good it feels to be a nonsmoker and keep using these techniques to quit smoking and stay on track.