If you want to reduce weight, bear in mind that there is no magical way to do so. You can't wish that it is gone and it will magically disappear. You have to work for it and gradually you will succeed.
Here are some tips that will help you through it.

Set a goal: Don't be too ambitious. Approximately 1kg a day is the ideal weight loss. If you lose a lot more than 1kg you will properly gain all of it again in a few weeks.

Find a diet plan: There are a lot of different diet plans that you can find on the internet. Most diet plans are based on how much you weigh and your daily routine. These are the most effective as they are based on your unique needs. Avoid crash diets as when doing those, you will mostly lose water retention that will be gained in a very short period of time.

If you don't want to specifically start an official diet plan, you can start by taking small steps.

Eat a balanced breakfast. The most ideal is a bowl of cereal with some skimmed milk and a fruit.

Snack on fruit. At intervals, eat some fruit that don't have a lot of calories like apples or oranges. This will help make your metabolism work faster and therefore use more of the calories taken.

Chew some gum. When you're hungry, put a stick of gum in your mouth. Apart from stimulating your metabolism, chewing gum stimulates the stomach muscles so that it may seem you are eating, and the hunger will subside.

Reduce your food intake during dinner. Do not over-eat. Most people need to see the plate empty before stopping. Use a smaller plate and eat slowly.

Drink lots of water. The more you drink, the more you are cleansing the body from natural toxins. This also helps reduce your appetite.

Exercise. It's not always easy to find time to exercise. However, you should plan ahead and allocate at least 30 minutes five times a week. It doesn't have to be in a gym. It could be a nice walk in the park or a workout on your treadmill. Just remember to start easy, and increase a little at a time.

Avoid fatty foods. This does not mean that you will never eat another burger in your life. But balance is the best way to go. You can allocate a day in your week where you eat a nice takeaway, or a small chocolate. But do not exaggerate.

Dietary supplements. There are a lot of debates whether these supplements really work. However, most research has shown that whilst they don't magically melt your fat away, they target specific areas such as metabolism and cellulite. Choose wisely the appropriate ones to cater for your needs, and before starting, always consult your doctor.

In other words, a little self-control and self-discipline is the way to go. It may seem hard now but when you put on those pants that have not been fitting lately, it will all be worth it!

Good luck!

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