Unfortunately, living on your own is very costly. Food, clothes and gas cost an arm and a leg but there are other essentials that you also need if you have your own house. Mortgage or rent is due each month as well as gas and electric bills. Electricity bills can be very expensive if you don't know how to manage your electricity correctly. Learn tips and tricks to save electricity which will save you money on your bill. Encourage your kids to help you save electricity. Make them aware that the more money you have after your bill, the more they will be able to go out for supper or do other things as a family.

-Unplug appliances that you are able to. Obviously appliances such as a refrigerator or a freezer are not appropriate appliances to unplug since it will cause your food to get warm and spoil. Unplugging your washer and dryer are also appliances that you probably wouldn't unplug because it is so hard to reach behind to unplug and plug it back in. A toaster or boom boxes are great examples of things you could easily unplug. Especially if you don't make toast everyday it is ideal to unplug your toaster when you are done using it. Alarm clocks are hard to unplug since you will most likely be using it each day and not. You may forget to plug it back in and that would not be good if you didn't wake up for work. Fans are another great thing that you can unplug if the outlet is in an easy reach. Usually you only use fans on warm days. Unplugging your fan until you use it is a great idea.

-Cut back television time. Watching the television not only affects your family's relationship but it also makes your electric bill rise. Instead of watching television or playing video games try getting your children involved in other things. There are many sports any other activities that your school probably offers. Ask your child what interests them and get them involved. You can try reducing television time by making it a rule to only turn the television on a few times a week. If you as a parent miss out on watching television, watch it when the children are away. This way you can set a good example by not watching television in front of them. If you are missing out on the news try getting the daily newspaper or listening to the radio. Television plays a huge role on your electric bills.

-Eliminate the use of constant night lights. Eliminating night lights from a child may be a hard thing to do. It may even be tough for an adult as many need a light to use the restroom in the middle of the night. Instead of using a night light that is constant, try installing a light that only goes on when you walk into the room. These motion lights are very helpful when you want to save money.

-Turn things off that you are not using. Many people like to leave the radio or lights on when they leave for various reasons. Some people believe that keeping music on for their animals will somehow keep them from feeling lonely. Many people believe that keeping music on for their animals will somehow keep them from feeling lonely. Many also like to leave the lights on when they leave so it looks like someone is home. The truth is, you are wasting a lot of electricity. Ask your neighbors to watch over the house when you are gone. Mention to them if you expect anyone to be stopping over. Give them permission to call the cops if they see anyone suspicious lurking around your house that isn't supposed to be there. It is also helpful to turn off the television when you are not using it, even if you leave the room for just a few minutes. Reserving all of the electricity you can counts when saving money.

-Plan outdoor activities. Planning things to do outside as a family not only socializes your family time but it also saves you money on electricity. Instead of watching a movie together, or using a light which provides you with light to see your board game, take your family for a bike ride or a walk through the park. Even if it is raining you can still spend quality time without using electricity. Plan a scavenger hunt through the house. Make it a rule that you can't turn on any lights when finding your items. It is possible to spend quality family time together without using any electricity.

-Install separate heat and air conditioning units in each room. Although central air is a convenient option, it is beneficial to your electric bill to separately heat and cool each room. For an example, if you are sleeping in your room, there is no need to heat the entire house if your family is only using one room. Instead of turning on the main heating unit, turn on the single heating unit for just the bedroom. You can do the same thing for air conditioning.

-Use different methods of electricity. Solar panels work great for converting the sun's rays into electricity. Lanterns are also a great way to keep light in the house when you don't want to use your electricity. Be sure that you blow out the flame on your lantern before you go to sleep. A lit flame may be dangerous if you are not watching it.

-Use battery operated devices when you can. Alarm clocks and radios are one example of an item that can be both plugged in and run off of batteries. Using batteries is yet another way to lower your electricity bill.

By practicing all of these tips you can greatly reduce your electricity bills. You will be able to notice a difference within the first month of doing this. Overtime you will find more and more things you can do to eliminate any extra cost to your electric bills.