Learning to sell basketball cards online does not have to be a hard process. There are some basic tips that are almost universally practiced by the best online card vendors. Whether you are thinning your collection, wish to buy and resell as an ongoing business or just inherited a batch of cards from a relative, the ability to sell basketball cards online can be a lucrative venture. If you are looking for a fun hobby that can potentially generate income or if you are ready to take your hobby to the next level as a full fledged business, you can learn to sell basketball cards online in no time. These tips will help you get started.

Where to sell

There are literally dozens if not hundreds of places to sell basketball cards online. Ebay is a widely used venue for sportscard enthusiasts. If you are computer savvy, you can set up your own virtual store with a website and avoid paying any fees and commissions to middlemen like eBay. If you decide to tackle your own website, you must promote, promote, promote! It is hard to be noticed in the sea of other online card shops. Make yours unique. Maybe you can write about cards on a blog and link to your sales site. There are countless chat rooms and collector forums many of which have Buy/Sell/Trade boards where you can post items for sale free of charge. This is a great way to sell some cheaper cards since there are no fees involved. It will also allow you to interact with fellow collectors and begin to get a feel for the type of cards others are interested in collecting and purchasing.

Photos and scans

The bigger the better! Sharp clear photos and scans are a must if you want to be successful in moving some serious inventory. Invest in a decent digital camera or flatbed scanner. It will pay for itself in no time. Sellers who try to sell cards with blurry, tiny pictures appear as if they have something to hide. A buyer may question the authenticity or condition of a card if the buyer uses a bad photo. Flatbed scanners and cameras are very affordable and available practically everywhere. A quick shot from a cell phone does not suffice. Most collectors are really wanting to see every detail so they can better judge centering, corners, print defects or staining.


If you honestly wish to sell basketball cards online, then you should sell basketball cards online honestly! A quick buck scam artist may fool a few people before he is caught or exposed, but the online collecting community is quick to spread bad experiences and this can happen at just the speed of a mouse click. An honest reputation can lure in other customers from referrals and keep active customers coming back again and again. If you are in this game for the long haul then start to build a quality reputation from day one.

Sell basketball cards onlinePricing

One advantage for a person selling online is the low overhead. You have the ability to keep your prices lower than many bricks and mortar stores. Also, if you are a small operation you can undercut many big online retailers who have huge advertising budgets and employee expenses. Monitor online auctions and hobby publications to see who is emerging as a hot item and what players are cooling off with collectors. A high priced card may look nice in a showcase, but you are running a business not a museum! Make a sale!


Grading can be one of the toughest areas for an online retailer. Great photos and and scans help, but the customer still cannot hold the card and judge for themselves. No one likes surprises in the mail. For this reason many people who sell basketball cards online will only sell ones graded by a third-party company. This way the customer generally knows what to expect. Serious collectors have a good feel for the grades assigned by such companies and younger or inexperienced customers are more comfortable buying a card that another source has graded and authenticated. Plus the graded holders can be easier to ship and offer protection to the card in transit.


The internet is full of competition. Basketball cards have been made for decades, too. Unless you have a large warehouse and deep pockets, it is best to carve out a niche market. Maybe you will only sell rookie cards, cards from a certain company, cards with memorabilia inserts, autographed cards, graded cards, or sets. Find an area that interest you and that you can specialize in that will distinguish you from the competition.

These are some basic tips to sell basketball cards online. There are many other things to consider, but it can be a lucrative venture. The sports card market is booming and college and pro basketball have a huge fan base. You might not ever get your hands on of the Top 10 Most Valuable Basketball Cards, but you can make a nice side income stream from dealing in some lower priced cards, too.