Need to know how to sell a non running car? Perhaps your just curious as to who buys junk cars or how your broken car can make you a little money. No matter what led you here I will share some tips with you on how to get the most buck for your banged up auto.

If you find yourself in a bind and need some quick cash or just trying to get rid of your nonrunning vehicle than the local salvage yard just might be able to help. A salvage yard, in some places and to some it's also referred to as the junkyard, scrapyard as well as a few other names, will likely offer you a couple hundred dollars in exchange for your broken, running or nonrunning car. One of the great things about scrapyards is they are often willing to come to your home or the location of the vehicle and tow it away free of charge.

Independent scrappers. Don't expect too much cash if you're dealing with an individual scrapper who is also looking to make a few dollars. This can be a good option though if your main goal is to just get the vehicle out of sight and get rid of it for a few bucks. Like a salvage yard individual scrappers will likely offer to tow the vehicle way others may be interested in merely stripping parts, known to bring in some profit, from the car. If you go this route make sure you talk to the individual about what they expect as well as let them know what you expect it will not do you any good if your goal is to get rid of the vehicle to have someone disassembling or removing parts from it in your driveway.

Though there are some exceptions the chances are there many other people who have same type of vehicle as you. This opens up the possibility of selling your nonrunning car or truck piece by piece - this is considered parting it out. Depending on the style of vehicle that you own parting it out can be a little trickier when your goal is to make money, unless you find someone looking to purchase several parts or to purchase the entire car as a parts car.

Finally you also have the option of listing your vehicle in the local classifieds (online and print) as a "project car", "mechanics dream" or a "fixer upper". It may surprise you to see how many people are willing to buy junk cars for no other reason than to fix him up - perhaps they want a father and son (or father and daughter) project, are looking for a cheap vehicle and know a little something about fixing them up or just enjoy working on vehicles. This method has by been known to bring in the most potential money for those trying to sell their nonrunning car.

This extra tip won't make you any cash for your non running or broken car but it could snag you a decent tax write off. Some organizations accept automobiles as donations to be sold or auctioned off to benefit charities. A quick search online will uncover a lot of these organizations and if it's not available online then a quick phone call will let you know if there are any restrictions regarding  the vehicles condition that need to be considered. This can be a very satisfying direction to take if you find it difficult to sell your junk cars for cash.