Looking in the mirror each morning for a woman can be a bit of a task. With your hair full of tangles, dark circles under your eyes, puffy skin, and maybe even a wrinkle or two a lot of women can look and feel like Dr. Frankenstein's monster. Maybe you want to wake up looking good for a new lover who is staying over with you for the first time or want to look better so you do not feel the urge to run out of the bathroom in horror after peeking in the mirror.

You can wake up looking better and feeling better each morning with these easy tips.

girl sleeping

Add Volume to your Hair

Give your hair a big boost of bounce and volume in the morning by putting it up at night. Brush your hair before bed so that it does not tangle, then put it up in a messy bun with a soft hair tie, like a scrunchie. Be sure it is a very soft hair tie like a scrunchie, as this avoids kinks and crimps in the hair that can be left by putting your hair up with a rubber band.

This method also prevents your hair from becoming such a tangled mass. If you want to add wave to your hair, try placing it in a braid before bed. It can be a simple braid, but if you want waves closer to your scalp, try a French braid. For more complex waves, try braided pig tails.

If you have a major problem with bed head, invest in satin pillow cases. The friction is reduced on a satin pillow case, so that your hair does not get all mussed up. You can also try wrapping a silk scarf around your hair to prevent frizz and tangles.

Change Your Sleeping Style

The way you sleep can do a lot of different things to the skin on your face. The worst possible way to sleep is on your stomach. This can leave wrinkles all over your face from your 7 pound head pressed against your pillow. This also allows lymph liquid and blood to pool in your face, which leaves it puffy in the morning.

The best way to sleep is on your back that does not press your pillow against your face. You should sleep with two pillows under your head so that lymph and blood flow is increased. If you have a problem with puffiness, this will fix that right up.

If you just can't sleep on your back, try sleeping on your side cuddled with a pillow. This will make sure that your face does not smash itself into the pillow.

Whiten Your Teeth

The days of messing around with those gross sticky strips that you put on your teeth to whiten them are long gone. Nor do you have to put whitening solution in a mouth guard and choke on it. With Crest Night Effects, all you have to do is paint on the solution to your smiling teeth and you can wake up with a whiter smile each day. Just try not to unconsciously lick it off your teeth after you put it on.

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Moisturize Your Feet

Rough feet is not something that can scare you away from the mirror in the morning, but it is certainly something that a new lover in your bed may take notice of. It you have a problem with dry, rough, cracked feet--moisturize them!

Moisturizing your feet while you sleep has never been easier. Just liberally apply lotion or Vaseline to your feet and slip some snug fitting socks on. This will leave your feet feeling baby soft in the morning and will help cure cracked heels. Be careful walking around though, the lotion in the socks don't leak out, but they are still pretty slippery.

You can do something similar for soft hands as well. Apply lotion and put on gloves (or socks) over your hands. This is probably something you want to do alone as it is extremely silly looking.

Treat Your Hair While You Sleep

Once a week for luscious silky beautiful hair, you should use a deep conditioner on your hair. Though these can be pricey, so perhaps limit it to once a month. However, if you want a cheap and natural deep conditioner, lather your hair with olive oil or baby oil and wrap a towel around you head. This leaves nice silky and healthy hair after you wash it out. Though it can require a few washings to get the olive oil all the way out.

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Try Frownies

If you are getting old in body, but are still young at heart, you are probably fighting a losing battle against wrinkles. Why not try frownies? You would definitely not wear these out in public, however try wearing them to fight lines around your mouth and eyes while you sleep.

These are especially helpful if you use a night cream to fight wrinkles and moisturize skin, as the skin cream can often rub off in the night. Frownies will rarely come off during the night unless you are viciously rubbing them.

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Wake Up Brighter

If you do use a night time moisturizer, try adding a few drops of rub on tanner or find a cream that already has it in there. This will not cause you to wake up looking streamed and orange like Snooki, but it will give your skin a nice glow. This is especially refreshing during the cold months of winter when we do not get a lot of sun.

Sleep in your Makeup

Makeup rule number one that we all learn as teens--Never, ever sleep in your makeup! It will clog up your pores and make you break out terribly. However, these days Bare Essential's Rare Minerals line makes a Skin Revival makeup. This skin revival makeup is essentially a foundation that treats skin instead of just covering it. It renews skin, reduces pore size, and helps fight line. This is a makeup you can wear while you sleep! Using the Bare Essentials line in general will greatly treat your skin, even if you do not want to sleep in it. I highly recommend it.