With only half a day until the end of the November contest I wanted to share some tips for those who are thinking of participating in any of the next content contests. I am well aware that I probably won´t make it to first place but after writing a considerable amount of articles this month and obtaining well over 400 points I think I should share a few things I have learned this month.

First of all I have to say that I am not used to writing a lot of content daily but that I do feel that it is at the base of online success, which is why I decided to participate in this content in the first place and set some really specific daily writing goals in order to create better habits.

My November goals on Infobarrel were reaching 150 published articles, upping my points here and ending somewhere in the top, all goals that are probably going to be met unless several people have been saving up on a lot of articles in order to publish them on the last day. Anyways, more importantly, I feel I have proven that to myself that if I set my mind to it, I can write and that most of the content I have published over here and on other sites will earn me income in the future. That said, let´s look at the things I have learned and that can prove to be good tips in the future.

My Tips to Win the Infobarrel Monthly Contest

Preparation. Make sure you prepare for the task at hand and do the necessary keyword research so that you don´t run out of things to write about in the last week. Make sure you have way too many keywords, like double what you will probably be able to write about, because there will be days that you just can not write about certain words and there will be days that you are running low on inspiration and/or motivation and having different keywords to choose from will certainly help.

Make sure that the keywords you chose are varied just ensure you are not writing about the same topic over and over again but close enough related as to make it easy to roll out those articles.

Set aside specific time you feel you can write the easiest. Some people love working at night, some are doing great very early in the morning and others don´t mind about the time. However if you know that things are easier in the morning, try to schedule in some extra writing time to up your productivity.

Try varying your topics and writing style. Although writing with SEO purposes will bring in more money in the long run, it feels nice to occasionally just write without having to focus on SEO and target keywords. If you throw in some articles just because you like the topic and without thinking about a specific set way to write, you will find that the articles after that will come out easier.

Start writing a lot in the beginning of the month. It is easier to keep up and stay ahead than having to come in from behind. Set yourself a daily writing goal and schedule the number of articles you want to write each day and stick to it. On days that you feel it is easy to write, write a few more. You will find that to be very benificial at the end of the month, when time is running out and it becomes clear who are really going for the top prize.

Writing a lot in the beginning of the month can also have another effect, one of discouraging the rest of the competitors of participating.

Follow the forum and stay informed. There is usually a thread about the monthly contest and you will learn about the tactics of winning and the members participating will post about their own goals to keep things honest and transparent. For example if you read the forum you can already tell who are going to participate when so it could help you in deciding when to participate at all.

Have fun. In the end it is just a contest. The world is not going to end when you don´t end up in the top three and chances are that if you have been publishing content that are keyword focused, you can easily bring in more money if you just focus on those published articles and build links to them. Be prepared though that it will become very hard to throw in the towel on the last day of the contest, especially if you are really close.

The Disadvantages of Participating

You will probably start losing track of the specific URL´s of the articles published the further the contest progresses, in order to be able to spend more time writing. This means that you will have to go back later on and track the published articles.

You might also run out of time to promote all the articles that you are publishing, meaning you will have to focus a lot more on building backlinks in the future in order to make the published material earn money for you.

Another disadvantage if you want to play it fair is that you might find yourself changing your preferred publishing schedule which can be a real pain, but worse even is that you will bring down your own proficiency.

The Advantages of Participating

You will increase your article count which in return should give you a positive boost in income. It could also mean an increase in links to other articles or maybe an extra boost in your productivity levels. All in all, even if you don´t win, you will see many advantages in the long run and some might prove to be very unexpected.

All I can say at the end of this month and reaching the amount of points I wanted to reach is that I will have think long and hard again about participating another time, especially because of some insights the contest has given me these past few weeks. Creating a huge amount of articles just because of a writing contest is probably not the most proficient way to go about making money online writing, but it is a good way to reach your daily writing goals and break procrastination patterns that might be holding you back.