We all want more appeal, magnetism, and charisma.

Everyday brings a new flood of tips on how to be more attractive.  The beauty advice covers everything from makeup and clothes to diet and exercise.  The personality advice covers everything from inner peace to being more outgoing. Much of this endless stream of advice is actually useful, but it is also very repetitious.  I want to share a unique twist on how to be more attractive.  My advice will help you turn the everyday activity of writing into a special showcase for your charm.

How do I write to be charming?

Write to yourself

Make a habit of writing yourself a short, encouraging note everyday.  

You could say “I beat my deadline. Good job!” or “I look beautiful Charm 1Credit: http://www.morguefile.com/archive/display/672205today.”  You could also write, “My son brought home a drawing of me.  I feel so loved.”

You can also write down something remarkable that you heard that day, a compliment you received, or even a funny incident. When you’re finished writing, fold the slip of paper and keep it in a large container.

After you have built up a collection of self notes, you can randomly pick one out of the container whenever you need some encouragement. You could even make this a daily practice to re-live an accomplishment or happy moment.

If you’ve got more time, you can write longer letters to yourself. For example, if you typically find yourself feeling down in the winter, you could write yourself a letter of encouragement when you were riding the high spirits of your summer vacation. Put that letter away and read it when you needed the boost.

You see, being charmed by yourself can cause you to give off an aura that will make you charming to others.

Write to Your Loved Ones

Charm is often thought of in the context of meeting new people, but it is far more important to Charm 2Credit: http://www.morguefile.com/archive/display/104078charm your loved ones.  These bonds are the most important in our lives, and we shouldn’t take them for granted.  An old fashioned letter will charm far-away family and friends much more than an e-mail would.  

You might worry that this would eat up your precious time.  Just keep it cute and simple.  Send a postcard with a few kind words, a funny remark, or a shared memory.

Simple post-it notes can charm the loved ones near you. Fun and thoughtful post-it notes put on surprising places will bring laughter, encouragement, and love to your family and friends.  Brief letters or cards, given with no occasion, would stir up their affection and endear you to them.

That is the essence of charm.

Write to a Stranger

Would you like to add a little mystery to someone’s life?  Write a note to a stranger.  Charm 3Credit: http://www.morguefile.com/archive/display/838651Would you like to add even more mystery?  Write an anonymous note.

You can write to one of the mothers in your child’s school, a salesperson in a store, or even a public transportation driver you just met.

You could write,  “Hi. We don’t know each other, but I want you to know that... (insert delightful words of encouragement),” hand it to them with a smile, then walk away.

Having charm is simply possessing the capacity to delight people.  This capacity makes a person charismatic, magnetic, and appealing.

If you want a dose of charm, write! Anaïs Nin once said “We write to taste life twice”.  Record pleasant words, and you get to taste its pleasantness once more.

Isn’t savoring something pleasant more than once what makes a charmed life?