Finding new content to write within your niche may become difficult once you feel that you have written all that you can about it. I'm here to tell you that you probably haven't even scratched the surface, but are just stuck on what to write next. Here are a few tips to get you back on track to writing great content for your niche.

Ask Questions

Diving deeper and deeper into your subject is a great way to find more content. For example, if your niche is about becoming a personal trainer, dive deeper into the subject and allow the subject to create a revolving door of questions. Start by asking questions that a novice on the subject would ask. Become the authority on the topic by starting from the bare bones and work your way up.

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Breaking down the niche and discovering it further not only gives you more content to write about, but also improves your knowledge on the subject. Grabbing as much knowledge as possible will put you that much closer to becoming an authority on the subject, which will pay dividends in the future.


A great tip that I read a while back involves looking your subject up on, finding a book that has been written on it, and looking into the Table of Contents. This will give you the chapter breakdown and is very useful when looking for content and headlines. This has proved to be very valuable when you are stuck in a rut, trying to find something more to write about.

Amazon Content


Now that you've looked at the chapter titles to inspire you to create more content, it's time to pick up the books and learn as much as you can on your subject. Constantly learning everything you can about it will give you a ton of content to write about, and will improve your personal knowledge as well. We learn the best about a subject when we teach it while we are learning it.

Ask Around

Getting research from the people around you can prove to be very valuable. Ask them if they know anything about the subject. If not, what are their questions? Write them down and use the questions as content. What do they know? If they are interested in the niche as well, and prove to be an authority on the subject, ask them to be a guest author on your blog.

There are many ways to generate more content through templates and programs, but I don't feel that these are genuine ways to deliver quality. The best articles are the ones that take hours to deliver, constantly editing and changing the delivery of the content. Good luck on your writing endeavors and remember to put yourself in the readers shoes.