Luxury bed sheets can give your room a high end look, but they don't have to be expensive. You can shop at outlet stores or look for white sales to really get a great deal on high end items. Here is a way to incorporate this kind of bedding into your overall design or it can even be the jumping off point for the rest of your room. Plus, it can add an elegant touch to everyday items.

Sometimes less is more. If you're spending a lot of money, you might be tempted to go with very hefty brocades or the latest fabric. You might want it to have a bold color. While this has its place in modern or contemporary design it isn't always very lasting. If you are spending a lot of money on pieces make sure that they can work with a lot of different design styles. Don't be fooled by the brand name. When you look at a lot of decorating magazines you'll see simple white duvet covers with a ribbon trim or welting. This is a fresh hotel chic look that you can also replicate on a budget because it's so plain. You don't have to pay more because the name on the item doesn't really matter. However, quality can be an issue so make sure that you get a very soft fabric that still has that luxurious feel to it.

Change out your looks for spring and summer. This is something designers do that you can do as well in your own home. You might want to keep the same sheet set if you are on a budget. Then you can just pair it with a clean white down comforter in the winter and a light white quilt in the summer time. This gives your room versatile looks and also ensures that you are at a comfortable temperature year round.

Learn how to arrange your bedding. It's not just what you buy but the way you place the items that will make your room feel very high end like a luxury hotel suite. A lot of times decorating magazines feature perfectly unique beds with lots of throw pillows. Before you spend a lot of money on the exact same bedding make sure that you're just not getting the wow factor from the throw pillows. These pillows can be very expensive, although you can also replicate that look on a budget. However, you want to make sure that this is practical for your actual design style. If you don't even make your bed it's not very likely that you'll take the time to pile on throw pillows every morning.

Another simple way to arrange your bedding is just with the use of sheets. A lot of design magazines and catalogs showcase a beautiful patterned quilt piled up on the foot of the bed and the rest of the bed just has plain white sheets. You can pile several pillows on top of each other for a very inviting and modern look.