Completing a  physical workout or participating in a competitive sport both may cause the body to react in a  similar  fashion.   Muscles are stressed, the heart rate increases and breathing becomes deeper.   Regardless of the activity, one may want to take measures to improve their athletic performance.

Maintain a fluid intake of 16 to 28 ounces per hour.   Dehydration is a well known result of lacking sufficient fluids and can have serious health consequences.    Over hydration can be equally detrimental to the the athlete's well-being.   

Keep caloric intake at 280 calories per hour or less to maintain optimal athlete performance.  Choose complex carbohydrates and avoid simple sugars.  If you exercise for more then 3 hours, your body will require protein also.   Each individual's caloric needs vary so find the right combination of calories for your personal needs.

Choose liquid forms of nourishment  while you are exercising.  Solid foods take longer to digest as compared to fluids thus, delaying the nourishment from fueling your body.  If you do opt to have solid foods, avoid foods that have refined sugar or saturated fats.

Replenish electrolytes as you exercise but do not use salt tablets exclusively. While salt is important, you should also have magnesium, potassium and calcium as part of your electrolytes replenishment program.

While there are many different nutritional supplements on the market, it is not advisable to try new products while competing in an event.   You do not know exactly how your body may react to the new product.    It would be disappointing to miss a competition due to an allergic reaction.

Although it is good to have an established refueling regime during an athletic competition,  a competitor should also be flexible and adapt the refueling schedule to the specific conditions of the competition.

Protein is essential to an athlete after the exercise period.   It is needed immediately after exercising for muscle repair and nutrient replenishment.

By following the suggestions listed above, you may have a greater benefit from your workout program.

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