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How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Are you full of energy and enthusiastic about the challenges of the new day? Or do you struggle to get out of the bed?

What was your lever of energy in the last month?

We often find many excuses for this kind of states: "the bad weather makes me feel sleepy", "it’s because I’m having a difficult week", "it’s normal feeling like that – people around me are also in the same mood". Sounds familiar?

But why should it be normal to feel wasted every day and not live life to the fullest?

The trap is that, after a while, this behavior becomes natural -  you will integrate it completely into your personality.

If you noticed that in these last weeks you didn't feel good and there were moments when you fatigued very easy, there is the possibility to have some health problems, so in the beginning it’s wise to get some basic medical tests.

If there are no medical issues, then maybe it's the moment to make some changes in your lifestyle. Here are some areas where you could take action:


1. Regular physical exercises

Sometimes, because of a busy schedule, it may seem impossible to find the time and the energy to do also some sports. Usually, this is only one excuse.

Of course, it will take some effort to get off the couch and start exercising, especially if you think that you don't like physical activity. But, once you start and feel the benefits, there are great chances that you feel more motivated.

Not only that you’ll look better, but you’ll notice improvements in your mental state, and in your health. Beside this, you’ll sleep better. All these elements will help you to increase your levels of daily energy.


2.  The quality of your sleep

Usually, adults need between 6 and 8 hours of sleep per day.

Best hours to go to bed are between 10 pm and 12 pm. In this interval, the body is ready to recover all its forces. Maybe that's why it's called beauty sleep.

In the beginning, it’s possible that you’ll not be able go to sleep at 10 or 11 pm, especially when you’re used to spend a part of the night being active. One solution to that is to wake up earlier in the morning for some days and then the sleep will come naturally even at 10 pm.

The fact of going to bed before midnight is a general recommendation and it might work for most of the people, but not for everyone.

There are people who are very active and productive during night, so maybe that's the way their organism should function. Is this is your situation, then just listen to your body! Of course, in this case, you should have or find a job that permits this kind of functioning.

Another important factor is the quantity of sleep.

There are people who like a lot to sleep and some of them believe that the more they rest, the more they’ll have energy. Actually, too much sleep is not a way of getting in the greatest shape for the next day. Even if it seems a paradox, spending more time than you need in dreamland, will just get you more lethargic.


3. The food you usually eat

Food has a great impact on your level of energy and on your health. If you eat junk food all day, it's easy to guess how alive you will feel.  That’s why there is a very popular quote that says: “you are what you eat”…

 It important to pay attention to the next things: how much you eat, what do you regularly eat and the way you combine foods. For more information about food and the way it can affect your health, you can read this article.


4. Your state of mind

It’s a well-known thing that stress and negative thinking can have a devastating effect on our happiness, our inner pace and our immunity system. And all this relates to our energetic level.

Many times, instead of focusing on solutions, we spend time worrying about the same problems. It’s not simple to quit this habit, but there are ways to get out of it. The first thing is to realize all the unwanted effects that negative thinking is having on your body and spirit. Then, it’s time to find the most appropriated ways for you to relax and get some distance from problems.


5. Breathing

It’s the most basic action we do – it’s so natural that we’re not aware of it anymore. But, even if it’s the only thing we do constantly, we don't know anymore how to do it the right way. I don’t know why we are able to breathe correctly when we are babies and during childhood, and then we tend to forget.

The average person’s way of breathing is very superficial - when you watch someone attentively you’ll discover that he’s raising only his thorax while breathing. A profound breathe is when you see the stomach raising – that means your lungs fill up with air.

Breathing the right way will bring great benefits, both for your mind and body.

You can learn again to breathe in a profound way by paying attention to your respiration and forcing yourself to do it the right way (at least in the beginning, until you regain the habit), or by practicing some cardio exercises.


I hope you’ll put at least some of this tips into practice and that you’ll discover soon enough an improvement in your daily energy levels.

Here is a short video that could give you an impulse to increase your daily energy:


Take care!