Improve your game of golf with a positive mental attitude

It's easy to panic after hitting a bad shot and end up with a poor score. The following tips should help you to develop a positive mental attitude that will keep you calm throughout your game. In time, this mental discipline should improve your all round game.


 Make sure you arrive in good time, at least half an hour before you are due to tee off. Rushing to the golf course after a day's work can cause you to swing too fast. So take your time in the changing room.

Warm Up

 Go on to the practice putting green to 'get your eye in'. The practice green may be quite different from the regulation greens but it helps to practise your putting stroke for both pace and line.Don't think about the technicalities of the stroke. That is for the driving range or a golf lesson from the professional.

1st Tee

 Arrive on the 1st tee five minutes before your tee time and concentrate on your game rather than talking to your partner. The first hole will set the tone for the whole game so it is important that you keep calm and focus.

Club Selection

 Select your club with care and be confident that it is the right club for your next shot.

Pre-address Routine

 Your pre-address routine is vital. The discipline of going through the same routine for every shot will help you control your emotions when your swing breaks down and will help you focus on your next shot.

Pick out a small target and then have a practice swing when the only thought in your head is to swing loose. Then address the ball, make sure you are settled over the ball and then take your shot. Don't be afraid to stand back and start your pre-shot routine again if you don't feel comfortable.

Safe Target

 When you are lining up for a shot on to the green pick a safe target. Don't aim for the flag if there's a hazard close by. Simply aim for the green.

Bogey Holes

 There will be holes that are your 'bogey holes'. Do not voice your fears to your partner. You may be thinking them but if you begin to talk about them they will become uppermost in your mind and will make you very nervous.If you say,'Every time I play this hole I end up in the water', then that thought will be in your mind as you address the ball. It is likely that once or twice you've ended up in the water but certainly not every time so don't get things out of proportion!

Putting Routine

 When your ball finally lands on the green make sure you have a pre-address putting routine. As the 'tap in' or 'gimme' is easy to mess up ensure you still use your putting routine for these short putts. 

Choose a line for your putt and stick to it.

One Shot at a Time

 The score can be a real distraction. Think only of the shot you are playing right up to the 18th green.


Keep your focus. It takes some time before these tips are ingrained in your routine but it is well worth the discipline.  Get the mental attitude right and your scores should improve.

Also, practise, practise, practise.  Regular practice, together with a disciplined mental approach, should help your all-round game.

Don't forget, you can also practise indoors at home when you have a few minutes to spare.Use an iron to fine-tune your swing or a putting mat to help your putting stroke.


Good Luck

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