We all have to tighten our belts these days, no matter how much we earn. To stop money slipping through your fingers, consider the following:

look after the pennies (and the pounds)

Things You Will Need

In the home

Are there more rooms in your house than people? If so, switch to a water meter. Savings can be as much as £28 a month.

To further save water (and therefore money) use bath water to flush toilets.

Bath water can also be used to water gardens and lawns.

When you switch one light on – switch one off.

Put your heating on half an hour later than you usually do (or wear extra jumpers).

Don't buy expensive cleaning products – just buy a large bottle of white vinegar. It is an excellent cleaning agent.


Spend a few hours going through your bank statements. Identify any unknown Standing Orders or Direct Debits - if they are not needed – cancel it!

Visit one of the many money-comparison websites and get a better deal on your car/house/contents insurance.

Contact your local council if you live on your own – you are entitled to a single-person reduction on your Council Tax (currently 25% of total charge).

Pay bills online and save the paper bill charge.


Always go with a shopping list and an open mind – if you spot a bargain, buy it and adjust you weekly meals accordingly.

Shop towards the end of the day when many items are being reduced.

One word of warning though – only buy bargains if you are actually going to use the items.

Never go shopping on an empty stomach.

Never take your children/partner with you – they will be tempted to add extra treats to your list.

Don't buy ready made sandwiches – not only are they high in fat and salt, they are expensive. A loaf of bread and a filling will make far more sarnies for your family.

Christmas/birthday cards can be recycled but don't forget to cut off any white pieces of card and use for shopping lists.


If you have a short journey to make, consider walking! You will save money on petrol and parking not to mention the wear and tear on your car. The planet will also benefit.

Sharing a lift to work will also reduce costs.

Consider taking the bus – discount tickets are often available – contact your local bus company for offers.

Other stuff!

Don't throw away envelopes that pop through your letter box – just stick a label over your address and re-use.

Carrier bags (a necessary evil sometimes) can be used as rubbish bags or freezer bags.

To off-set your use of plastic carrier bags consider buying pretty re-useable bags and giving them as gifts to your friends.

Are your savings making money? Talk to your bank or building society about interest rates.

A few minutes spent looking at your finances now could save you hundreds in the future.

Tips & Warnings

Warning – this article could save you money!!!!