What is a Blog?

Tips to start a blog

Blogging is an art which allows you to show your creativity to the whole world through internet. Blog is abbreviation of web-log in which you can publish your ideas, thinking and opinion on the internet. Anyone can start its blog for few dollars and even for free.
Things Needed:
2-Internet access
How to Start
 1-   Join a specific blog site such as blogger.com or blog.com. My space.com works best for beginners.
  2-Start blogging on a specific topic, attract a specific group of people and go for it.

3-   Add original and useful content in your blog and update your blog frequently in order to get more people on a regular basis to read it. Write 250 to 500 words articles, Google love this.
 4-  Get in to a routine of blogging, add interesting posts and pictures and always spell check before posting.
 5-  Promote your blog through social media such as YouTube, Facebook and twitter and try to gather as much traffic as you can.
 6-  Don’t be disappointed if no one visits you blog for few weeks, it will take time for your blog to get noticed.
  7-  Once all is done, you can advertise your blog by Google AdSense which will show advertisements on your blog according to it. You can be a part on any affiliate program .Most popular are amazon.com, eBay .com and sfimg.com.
 8-  You can write reviews on your blog of different products and websites. You can even write paid reviews by joining a review website which will pay you for writing reviews. Payperpost.com and review me.com are the best review sites. The best part is you don’t have to write positive reviews, just be honest.
  9- Get ready for any kind of comments and answer them with wisdom and patience.


1-Do not write much paid reviews.

2-Do not use copied articles.Always try to write original content.

3-Do not always write about yourself in your blog.