To make your letter look professional it is best to type it in a word document. This ensures the letter is legible and error proof.  You can also hand write the letter if you have excellent handwriting skills. To be sure that it is readable it would always be best to type the letter.

You first want to find out whom the letter of appeal should be addressed to. The most generic way to address would be “To whom it may concern”. If you are writing to the appeal board, you may want to address the letter to them. You can verify who to address your letter to from the financial aid office.

Include in your letter the reason why you were not able to maintain academic status which caused you to lose your financial aid. Make sure this information is very detailed. Be sure to include all the specifics of what happened during this time period.  For example if you were going through some type of emotional trauma be sure to state that as well. If your parents were going through a divorce or any other personal reason should also be included in this letter. All these are valid reason why you would not have been able to focus on your course work.

Tell the board or whomever you address the letter to your goals and plans to rectify the situation. Explaining to the board that you still want to obtain your degree and your need for financial aid should be stated as well. You want to give them the reasons why your financial aid is important to you. If you cannot afford to pay for school out of pocket this would be a good reason to mention in your letter. You can also include other reasons as to why you need your financial aid.  Do not be embarrassed to include this information. It will be in your best interest in the end.

If you write out a good detailed letter stating the facts, you should have a very good chance getting your financial aid reinstated. Most boards are very understanding of circumstances that can take place that may cause you to get off track with your academic work. Be sure to thank the board for their time in reading  your letter of appeal. The important thing now is that when you get your new start you make sure it counts.







Writing a letter of appeal