Need Tires For Cheap?

So, it’s official: you need new tires for cheap. Your existing set is either worn down to a dangerous level or they are punctured to the point of not being able to be fixed. Perhaps your car won't pass an inspection because of insufficient tire tread— it doesn’t really matter why. However, the only problem is that in this economy, you are more than strapped for cash. Therefore, where can you get tires for cheap, and how can you make sure they will last? 

Where to Get Tire For Cheap 

All Season TiresThe most common type of tire is the all season tire, which, while not a high-performance tire, can function in just about any kind of weather and climate. Most vehicles come straight from the factory with a set of all season tires strapped on.

Other types of tires may be a bit harder to come by when looking for lower priced options. Off road tires for cheap, for example, can be a real challenge to come across, as can mud tires for cheap (mud tires are very similar to off road tires, but as their name suggests they work best in mud above all else). For these, you may be better off going to a store that supplies parts and tires for working or construction vehicles, or you may even want to check out online vendors that specialize in off road driving supplies.

What Does the Word "Cheap" Mean Relative to Tires? 

What is “cheap” in terms of tires? Depending on the size, brand and model you get, anywhere from $60 to $150 (for an individual tire) is considered an extremely good deal. After all, 22-inch tires for cheap still aren’t going to be as low in price as 20-inch or 18-inch tires, but they will not be as much as 24-inch versions. 

If Possible, Try To Stick With the Trusted Tire Brands

Tires for CheapOf course, regardless of how low the price is you should always go for trusted tire brands. Getting tires for cheap could very easily end up costing you more in the long run if they are poorly made and untrustworthy. Some reliable brands that are known to sell durable tires are BF Goodrich, Cooper, Falken, Goodyear, Michelin, Nitto and Pirelli.

Getting Michelin tires for cheap is therefore a much better option than getting an unknown brand for even cheaper. Be sure to check out the websites for these brands, as some may not only offer tires for cheap, but also free shipping for certain deals. After all, these days it is often easier to get tires for cheap online rather than in tire and auto supply stores.

Consider Purchasing Used Tires

Although brand new tires are unquestionably the best, drivers in many areas have the option of purchasing used tires. Getting used tires for cheap is obviously easier than getting new tires for a cheap price, but are they worth it?

Used tires can be a great deal, but only if they are in good driving condition. So, be sure to inspect used tires carefully for signs of prior issues and severe wear. Do this by looking for bubbles, uneven wear patterns, and signs of patching or shallow tread depth. Tread depth can be easily tested by inserting a penny into the tread. If Lincoln’s head is at least partially obscured when faced downward and the penny stands on its own, there is sufficient tread.

To really get the right tires for your vehicle, you should also factor in the overall situation of the vehicle. For example, do you have an old car that you are just trying to keep running for a few more years, or do you have a newer car that you are looking to keep for the long run? In certain situations, such as those involving older vehicles, getting brand new tires usually doesn’t make much sense; so used ones can be the right way to go. Likewise, it may be wiser to purchase brand new ones to go with a newer car.

You should also compare the price difference between a set of used tires and new ones that come with a warranty. Some drivers like to buy new tires that come with warranties or lifetime guarantees, but oftentimes a decent set of used tires can be purchased at a much lower price without these warranties. The best thing to do is evaluate the difference between the new and used tire deals to see if it's worth taking the risk on a used set without warranty. You may actually end up saving a lot more money if you stick with used tires.

Other Considerations 

Additionally, you should also consider the fact that there may be other costs associated with your tires. Typically, you can’t simply pick up a set of tires for cheap and drive off. For instance, should the tires that you purchase not be aligned and balanced properly to suit your vehicle, they will wear away at a surprising rate, and you'll find yourself shopping for another set in no time. Therefore, make sure you get the extra calibration and necessary tire rotation (if you aren’t a tire expert, be sure to go to a professional for this, especially if you order tires for cheap from an online vendor). In the long run, this will help you get the maximum life out of your tires, whether used or new.

Of course, you should also keep up with regular maintenance of your tires. Wash them with soap meant specifically for tires, and rinse them thoroughly (leave-on sprays and washes can wear down the rubber more quickly). Check the air pressure in them periodically, as driving with one low on air will create an imbalance in your car and can lead to all of the tires wearing away, which would be a shame if you found a really good deal on a set of tires.

Take all of this into consideration when shopping for used tires, and you will be better off to make sound financial decisions for you and your vehicle. Furthermore, following these guidelines will help to preserve and protect your safety on the road, which is way more important than saving as much money on tires as you can.

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