Anytime you decide to buy titanium you're getting a pretty good deal when it comes to the durability, and strength that your jewelry can withstand. It's great a thing to buy really nice and luxurious jewelry for women. However, it is frustrating when you're constantly needing to replace, or fix jewerly that breaks easily. How often does that seem to be the case? Titanium is the most durable material used for jewelry. It's a strong enough jewelry for women to wear, that will last a lifetime, and can look brand new 50 years from now.

Titanium is scratch resistant, unlike gold, and other materials, which gives it another avantage when it comes to longevity. We all know 14 karat diamond jewelry can be a quite expensive. It's even worst if you're not backed up with long warranties. A few years down the road that expensive diamond jewelry could be damaged, scratched, and basically ruined. Well, titanium diamond rings don't cause those kinds of problems. So if you're looking for the most durable and scratch resistant jewelry for women, then take a look down below at some of the different ones for women that are available to purchase online.

Unique Titanium Rings for Women

A very unique but also expensive piece of jewelry being sold online at is really something special to get for your woman. It's an engagement ring and costs nearly $7,000 dollars. It is quite the expensive but unique in its appearance. It features 14 karats of white gold, and 36 side stones. It's a really special ring for the one you love, of course, if you can afford the expensive price tag that comes with this ring.

If you're looking for something a little cheaper, then the Edward Mirell Black Titanium Diamond Radiance Ring provides a very unique appearance, and it is going for sale under $500 dollars. It's designed with accented colors, and it's a pretty splendid and unique ring to purchase for women. It has a rainbow color around the band, along with a diamond binding the band together. It's available in all ring sizes for women. Edward Mirell even has some cheaper titanium rings to buy. Black Titanium & Diamond, Black Titanium & Yellow Sapphire, and Titanium & Pink Sapphire rings to choose from. All these titanium diamond rings for women are available online at

Titanium Diamond Wedding Band

Ladies and Mens Diamond Band in Titanium in Sizes 4 to 13
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(price as of Nov 29, 2015)

Titanium Diamond Engagement Rings for Women

When you're ready to pop the big question, getting her a titanium diamond engagement ring will last her a lifetime. An engagement ring means the world to any woman. You can't skimp on quality, and expect to live and tell about it. They naturally want something that they feel will look nice on their finger, but onne that will last as well. Whether you're looking for the very best, or you got a tight budget, you can still buy your lovely bride to be a really durable, and beautiful titanium diamond engagement ring. Shopping online you'll find there are quite a collection of different ones to purchase online.

Expensive - Paying over $3,000 dollars might be a lot, but the 14 karat Gold Titanium Diamond Engagement Ring that's being sold online at ahava diamonds is one of the nicer  pieces of jewelry on the web. It features diamond stone in the center, and 16 side stones featured in 14 karats of white gold. It's beautiful, luxurious, and durable to wear. Other places to shop for expensive, yet beautiful diamond engagement rings online is at ebay, amazon, and titanium jewelry. You should find what you need online at these places.

Cheap - A really beautiful looking 14 karat gold titanium engagement ring is being sold online at ahava diamonds. I really like this one personally. It's going for prices under $500 dollars, but I think any meaningful girlfriend in your life would find it exquisite in style. It's not too flashy, but it's nothing short on eloquence. Authentic 14 karat white gold is featured on this piece of jewelry. Appraisal value it is worth $971 dollars. Ahave diamonds is one of the better sites to shop for titanium  engagement rings for women.

Titanium Engagement Ring

Engraved Titanium Diamond Rings for Women

There's nothing like engraved titanium diamond rings for women, whether it be a wedding band or just a dress ring for her anniversary. Go online to superior wedding ring if you're planning on getting married, and you want to engrave your wedding band for her. You can customize the wedding band up to 30 characters. Other recommended online websites where you can find engraved titanium diamond rings for women would be at gettington, amazon, zales,, and online at ebay. You can find cheap and expensive engraved rings for women online.