Strong, lightweight, durable, hypoallergenic and pretty to boot. With so many desirable qualities, it's no wonder titanium jewelry is gaining popularity.  

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Titanium's History

Titanium was discovered in the 1790s when an amateur geologist found a substance he could not identify on a beach in Cornwall, England, and reported his findings to the Royal Geological Society. The substance was named Titanium to honor the mighty Titans of Greek Mythology. It was 1932 before scientists devised a way to reduce Titanium to a usable metal form. Since then its remarkable strength to weight ratio has made it popular in a variety of industries, including medical, transportation, sporting goods and, of course, jewelry.


Those who love jewelry fashioned with white metals like sterling silver, platinum and white gold might appreciate titanium's similar hue.


Titanium is prized for its remarkable tensile strength in comparison to other metals, as well as its light weight in respect to its strength. In fact, the strength of titanium means jewelers must sometimes use different techniques when creating their designs. For example, where gold rings are rolled and soldered into shape, titanium rings are generally cut from a solid block of titanium.

Types of Titanium Jewelry

While titanium rings are currently the most popular type of titanium jewelry, all types of jewelry are fashioned from titanium. Look for bracelets, pendants, earrings, nose rings, necklaces and cufflinks made from titanium.  


The nature of titanium means that titanium rings are difficult to resize should the owner wish to do so in the future.


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Can titanium rings be cut through?

In the case of an accident involving the hands. Some jewelry wearers fret that a titanium ring could not be removed, putting the wearer in danger of losing a finger. According to this concern is baseless, as titanium rings can be cut through with a jeweler's saw or even a set of boltcutters. Those removing a titanium ring in such a manner should make a cut on each side of the finger, cutting the ring into two halves, rather than making one cut and bending it apart as is common with gold. There are different types and alloys of aluminum out there, and jeweler's should avoid the use of aircraft grade aluminum, for example, because it is much more difficult to remove.