A Comprehensive Review of Titanium Wedding Rings

These days affordability is on many couples’ minds as they plan for their weddings and marriages, but when it comes to the wedding rings, choosing something that's special is still a priority.  Since its relatively recent introduction to the commercial market, titanium jewelry has skyrocketed in popularity.

The Popular of Titanium Jewelry Is Growing  

Titanium Wedding RingsOne favorite application for this unique metal is in the production of titanium wedding rings.  Titanium wedding rings have many attractive qualities to today’s modern couples.  Light in both weight and cost, yet strong and durable enough for wherever the wearer may go, when weighing the pros and cons of titanium wedding ring sets there are a few things to know about.

The Pros and Cons of Titanium Wedding Rings

Titanium wedding rings appeal to all sorts of couples, as these rings not only stand out from the crowd, but also offer many practical advantages over traditional precious metals.

It’s amazing to think when you see the beautiful rings crafted out of titanium that this metal was first mass produced in order to be used in aircraft.  This metal was “discovered” over and over again before a process to produce the titanium alloy we know today was developed.  Once this method was created though, titanium production began to soar! 

Titanium Wedding Rings ReviewsThe titanium wedding rings Wikipedia page is full of the metal’s fascinating history, but one particular piece stands out.  Titanium wedding rings have a history rooted in fantasy, as the 1989 film "The Abyss" featured rings made out of the material. 

We can’t say that this was the reason that titanium wedding rings began to rise in popularity, but it couldn’t have hurt.  Of course, this is just a small piece of the metal’s history, what’s really interesting is how far titanium wedding rings have come.

Titanium Rings Are Often Less Expensive Than Gold, Silver or Platinum

One of the initial aspects that draw many people’s interest towards titanium, when searching for wedding ring sets, is the financial benefit. Titanium can be significantly less expensive than metals such as gold or silver, without sacrificing the luxurious look of such a significant item. 

One pro for titanium is that it can actually maintain its shine and shape for much longer than metals like gold and silver, making it an attractive long-term investment.  If you have a particularly active lifestyle or are an avid swimmer, then titanium wedding rings are worth looking into.  

Titanium Wedding Rings Pros and ConsMore Men Are Purchasing Titanium Wedding Rings

Titanium does not bend or tarnish the same way as other precious metals.  Although titanium wedding rings can get scratched, these scratches tend to be much shallower and easier to fix because of titanium’s strength.  Because of these qualities, titanium wedding rings for men are growing steadily in popularity. 

Another point to consider very carefully is the prevalence of allergies to various metals and alloys, such as silver and nickel.  A clear advantage that titanium wedding rings have is that titanium metal is completely hypoallergenic.  This means that even though it is an alloy, containing other metals, titanium will not cause an allergic reaction. 

Just as couples, and especially men, infuse more and more of their individuality into their wedding ceremonies, so do custom titanium wedding rings present a particularly attractive option.  One of the most classic ways to personalize wedding rings is to have them engraved.  Although titanium wedding rings are so strong, as to resist scratches, they can be engraved with your special message or date.  Another popular way to customize titanium wedding rings is to include gemstone settings or inlays of other metals. 

Titanium Wedding Rings BandsIf you want that diamond flair, that ruby red glimmer, that sapphire shimmer, then a stone setting is the way to go.  Gems can be inset into the metal of the ring, placed in a setting, or even held in-between the two ends of the ring as a tension setting.  If you want some golden glamour or silver shine to add some metallic diversity to your wedding ring, then an inlay is an affordable, and stylish way to sport these precious metals. 

Another option, for those who want a special spin on this metal is to get a black titanium ring.  Titanium can come in a variety of finishes from shiny to smoothly brushed.  Black titanium, especially popular for men’s wedding rings, offers another choice for individual expression.  Men’s black titanium rings come in a variety of styles, with the black finish available in different patterns on the ring.  

When reading titanium wedding ring reviews, one question that often comes up is the choice between titanium and tungsten wedding rings.  Tungsten is another metal that only recently begun being used for jewelry.  Titanium and tungsten have many similarities, and the choice really boils down to personal preference.

Oftentimes, men might prefer a tungsten wedding ring because of its heavier feel and the fact that it is virtually un-scratchable.  It also has a darker grey hue than titanium does.   One downside to tungsten though is that the rings can never be resized, and although they are more affordable than gold or silver, replacing a ring is more expensive than resizing it. 

7mm Beveled Edge Comfort Fit Titanium Wedding BandA good way to choose between titanium and tungsten is to read wedding ring reviews and see what factors other couples considered and what they ultimately choose.  When you read titanium wedding rings reviews, you can also learn from couples who have been wearing their rings for years. Be sure to pay attention to how their bands have held up over the years.

When you’re planning to get married, you have a lot of decisions to make.  From flower arrangements to living arrangements, an engagement can feel like an exercise in making choices together.  Your wedding rings are not like any other jewelry you own; they don’t just represent your marital status, they represent your commitment to each other.  When choosing your rings, the best way to decide which metal and style is right for you is to sit down together and figure out what you are looking for.  When it comes to titanium wedding rings pros and cons, there is much to consider before deciding if they are right for you, but they are certainly worth taking a good look at.