Jewelry today is marketed primarily towards women, but that doesn’t mean that men don’t wear it. In fact, a lot more men are buying items of jewelry for personal use today than in the past several decades. After all, times change and fashions change, and today’s men are not afraid to show they have a good sense of fashion. One of the most enduring items of male jewelry is the wedding ring, as this has long been shared between both genders.

Stainless Steel Love - I will always be with you - Couples Promise Rings Wedding Bands with Cubic ZirconiaOf course, wedding rings themselves have also changed over time in terms of style and materials used. For example, titanium wedding rings have become increasingly popular in recent years, whereas before most people when for gold, platinum or sterling silver. Titanium wedding rings are now just as stylish, and they in fact can come in a wider variety of unique styles—two-toned rings, ones with inserts of other materials, mounted designs— the list is seemingly endless. Many of these are made to specifically appeal to men. But even so, style is by far not the only reason men love titanium. Titanium wedding rings are also very practical and have real substance.

Lovers Heart Shape Titanium Stainless Steel Promise Ring - Real Love - Couple Wedding bandsLet’s start with the basics: titanium is a very ductile metal with a low density and high strength to weight ratio. So you don’t have to go and search something like “titanium wedding rings wiki”, this means that titanium used in wedding rings extremely strong and resistant to corrosion. When manufactured into jewelry, it is silver or metallic white in color, although usually other hues can be added for an additional price (men’s black titanium wedding rings have increased in popularity). Titanium jewelry is also known for being very light and smooth. In fact, titanium wedding rings are so lightweight and comfortable that it’s hard for many people to believe that they could really be manufactured from one of the strongest metals on the planet. The durability of titanium is no doubt important for people looking for wedding rings that last a lifetime.

Many male consumers may also find it comforting that titanium wedding rings are also hypoallergenic and low-maintenance. This means they are perfect for those who are unable to wear certain metals because of allergies, or those who are simply worried about having to constantly clean and polish rings every time they get dirty or somebody leaves a visible fingerprint on them. In fact, titanium bands rarely need to be taken in for professional polishing and maintenance— if ever— and if there is a need for cleaning they can be polished at home with some hand sanitizer and a small Scotch-Brite pad. Titanium wedding rings also never require re-plating, which obviously helps to further save on overall cost.

Endless Love - Wedding Band Tianium Stainless Steel Couples Promise RingOn that note, it should be mentioned that titanium wedding rings in general cost less than those made of other metals. For example, the price of gold has increased by almost 25 percent in the past few years. Silver prices have also jumped dramatically in the same time period. While this is great for investors, it certainly is less than ideal for the average consumer— particularly those shopping for wedding rings. Industrial metals like titanium have come onto the scene just at the appropriate time, when men were looking for an alternative to pricey precious metals.

Of course, the overall look of the band is still the main factor considered when people shop for their wedding rings. As mentioned, titanium wedding rings are great because they come in a variety of styles and even colors. Jewelers everywhere are now stocking wider selections of them because of their popularity. While it is probably most common to purchase titanium wedding rings in sets, there is nevertheless an increasing trend of couples getting rings that complement each other but are nevertheless different. For example, titanium wedding rings for men tend to be a little thicker than ones for women but nevertheless come in almost as many design choices. Tungsten wedding rings come in a great selection for men, and their options can be paired with complementary ones for women.

Nevertheless, many people may find themselves wanting something completely original— something that they can’t simply pick out from a jeweler’s display case. For this purpose there are custom-made rings. These cost more than pre-available designs, but they come with various advantages. Your ring will be different from everyone else’s, and this is reason enough for many people. There is very little, if any, compromising when it comes to selecting a design, and with the help of a designer couples can create rings that are specifically meaningful to them. Another advantage is that custom rings tend to fit the wearer better than others— if not perfectly. They are also helpful if one person in a couple finds they are allergic to their wedding ring. A custom titanium ring can be made to closely match their partner’s.

Nevertheless, like everything titanium wedding rings do come with their disadvantages. However, when it comes to the list of titanium wedding rings pros and cons, the cons side is rather short. One of the main disadvantages of titanium wedding rings is that they cannot be resized. While other types of rings can often be either made smaller or larger depending on the metal they are made of, titanium is not among them. Because of this, if you are getting a custom-made ring or are ordering one, you should always be sure to ask the jeweler (or whichever vendor you use) whether an exchange is possible should the ring not fit. Most reliable jewelers are accommodating, but you should always cover this up front just in case. Another disadvantage is that they are low in shine. Basically, no matter how much they are polished they will never be as shiny as silver or gold can get. Of course, this is only a disadvantage if you want a really shiny ring.

If you’re still unsure about what is right for you, be sure to read titanium wedding ring reviews.