Weddings are veering towards the non-traditional route as couples look for ways to have a fantastic wedding for less without blowing away their entire life savings. Wedding gowns and tuxedos are rented or hunted in bargains shops and wedding receptions are held at the bride's home. But one item couples will never ever scrimp on is the wedding ring and they'll take the titanium wedding bands, for better or for worse.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Titanium Wedding Rings

Titanium is a hardy metal used in aircraft. It is stronger than steel but incredibly lighter. It is lighter too than gold and silver; hence, it feels so light on the finger. It is also cheaper. Due to its hardness, the ring won't be misshapen with wear or will it scratched easily like softer metals. Should there be scratches, these can be repolished by a professional jeweler.

If you are allergic to gold or platinum, titanium will be perfect for you because it is 100% hypoallergenic. It does not have to be coated with rhodium to give it sheen because titanium has a natural dark silver color and won't discolor. There are titanium metals in blue, purple, night sky, black, bluemoon, and rainbow colors. All of these can be sateen finished should you desire.

Due to its hardness, it takes time to work on a titanium ring; hence, you must be sure that you have right size measured before you order your titanium wedding rings because it is difficult to make the ring larger although it can be made smaller by removing the ring's interiors. If you want titanium wedding rings, be sure to order these way ahead of your wedding day if you are after an elaborately designed titanium wedding ring.

Different Types of Titanium Wedding Rings

Titanium women's wedding bands come in varied designs and types. These can be colored, set with different gemstones or designs can be engraved in simple band. Couples choose symbolic designs to represent love, loyalty, and friendship. These can be designed as double or single bands, mixed with colored inlays or gemstones to give it character or personalize the tastes of the bridal couple.

How to Choose One

Choosing a titanium women's wedding band is no different from choosing the traditional gold or silver wedding rings. Choose a design and size suited for short fingers or big hands with long fingers. If adding a color to the titanium ring, select a color that complements your coloring. You may also choose a design and shape that matches your engagement ring. To make sure you have the right fit, let jeweler take the measurement.

Price of Women's Titanium Wedding Bands

Without gemstones or elaborate designs, the titanium wedding ring will cost less than the standard gold or silver wedding ring. Prices can go up as much as a thousand dollars and even more if you choose a stunning diamond to adorn your titanium ring.

Where to Buy Women's Titanium Wedding Rings

Check out the stock of your favorite jeweler. If they do not carry titanium rings, you can browse the internet. There are hundreds of online jewelers offering titanium jewelry and wedding rings.