Tiverton Gazebo

It is the time of year when spring is right around the corner. You get that fever for sunshine and daylight. The great outdoors is calling your name. How will you add on to your landscape in the spring. This year, I want a Tiverton Gazebo for my back yard. This type of Gazebo is the kind that you buy when only the best will do. I want this for my camping lot, and the breathtaking wooden Gazebo would count as a permanent structure which only so many are allow per lot. However, the Tiverton Gazebo will give my lot the right kind of elegance in a movable structure, and for the right price.

The Tiverton Gazebo is roomy enough for a outdoor living room complete with sofa and coffee table. It is 12.75 by 10.75 feet, so I am pretty sure it will accommodate my furnishings. It is almost 10 foot high so I can put in a lighted ceiling fan to boot. My vision is to set mine up on a platform that requires about three steps high to enter the front. Even though it comes with mosquito netting, I want to put dark heavy panels around it that matches the powder coating finish. This will allow for some much needed privacy if I desire, and it will protect my furnishes from the hot summer sun. I also want to place some large planters on both sides of the entrance to give it a closed in feel and appearance. Furthermore, I will mount some plywood painted panels around three sides of the gazebo, and center them down each wall. This will allow me to hang some decorations on the walls and give it an even more closed in look.

Outdoor Patio Tiverton GazeboCredit: PwarlickSome people like the open breezy feel that a gazebo has to offer. I have three other tables, including a picnic table complete with large umbrella just for this. With the Tiverton Gazebo, I feel that if I set it up with the above description, I can have an outdoor room that has class and sophistication that also allows for privacy. The Tiverton Gazebo can be found online at Amazon or you can pick one up at Target for around $700.00. It has a four and a half star rating and many reviews from customers that have purchased one in the past, and that is good enough for me. If you like the idea of creating an outdoor room you may like this one too. If not, this next Screened Sunhouse Gazebo will definitely catch your eye.

The Screened Sunhouse Gazebo is unique to say the least. I found this on Amazon for $729.00. I tried to find out about the product details, but I was unsuccessful. This one features two doors and it is completely enclosed. The Screened Sunhouse Gazebo is beautiful and priced right, but I would be afraid to purchase something this expensive without more details. If you havScreened Sunhouse GazeboCredit: Pwarlicke a concept in mind like an enclosed gazebo, however, you do not want or can afford the price of the traditional wooden gazebo, then these products are available and on the market. If you have purchase either of these gazebos or one similar in nature could you leave a comment with details, especially about the Screened Sunhouse Gazebo. This is the time to start planning your landscape and outdoor rooms, so start looking around now and get the best deals for your dollar.