You may have heard that popping pimples is bad for your skin. This is due to the fact that whenever you purposely cause a break in your skin you are taking the risk of scaring that area. In addition to this, you are taking the risk of spreading the infection to other areas of your face. This can be the cause of even more pimples on your face. In the perfect world, you may wait around for the blemishes on your face to go away on their own, but in this world - you may be a little impatient.

If you must pop a pimple on your face make sure to wash your hands exceptionally well with soap. Take particular care for the areas beneath your nails. Keep note that you want to avoid having your fingers or nails touch the pimple, but keep them clean just in case contact does occur. This will reduce the chances of irritation and infection of the area.

Before beginning your pimple popping endeavor, make sure to wash the affected area with an antibacterial soap. Once you have actually popped the pimple you are creating a way for bacteria to enter the surface. The area that you pop will heal much quicker if you do not give bacteria the opportunity to come into the open wound and create an infection.

Also, before you pop make sure to exfoliate the skin over the blemish. When the skin is clean, you will have an easier time popping the blemish. It will also quicken the healing process as well. Make sure to strike a balance between cleaning the skin and irritating it with harsh soaps.

If you scrub too hard not only will you irritate the skin, but you may tare it and face a higher risk of infection. You can use a damp cloth that has a general acne treatment cream on it, that will help the dead skin cells shed. Gently rub the blemished area for a minute or two before going through with the popping.

Wear disposable gloves or place tissues over your fingers. This will help place a barrier in between the bacteria that is on your fingers and under your fingernails and the pimple. It will also reduce the pinch of your nails on your skin as well. If you have cleaned your skin and the pimple is "ripe" you should not have to use your nails in the first place.

Locate the middle area of the pimple. Place the bottom of your fingertips evenly on each side of the pimple. Contrary to popular belief, do not push inward. Instead pull the skin apart. If the skin has been properly cleansed and exfoliated you should not have a hard time pulling it apart. This should make the pus come out of the pimple. Message the surrounding area to push remaining pus out of the pimple.

Do not touch the inside of the pimple, unless you are spotting the area to wipe away pus. If you see blood that probably means you have squeezed or pulled too much. In this case you may notice a scar that may form as a result. Popping pimples may not be anyone's favorite pastime, but if you find yourself doing it - once you have completed this process wipe the area with an antiseptic solution.