Do you know how to be happy? Happiness is an elusive state of being. One moment our thoughts and feelings are positive and upbeat and the next moment our mind wanders to the negative and we are feeling down again. To be happy takes continuous effort, which is challenging. However challenging, there are ways in which we can make life more enjoyable so that we can be happy with our life all the time.

It Takes More Muscles To Make A Frown...So Be Sure to Smile More!

Happy Just Smile

Smile for no reason. Smiling warms your heart and fills your mind with more positive thoughts. Your energy increases with the simple act of moving some facial muscles. That forced smile then stays on your face a bit longer until it becomes a natural grin that becomes wider to the point where your mouth is open and you are showing your teeth. With that giant smile, you now have a natural glow of happiness around you. If you keep up the smiling, that happiness will continue to follow you around.

Laugh at nothing. Make yourself laugh and it’s a guarantee that you will laugh more. One laugh can grow into many laughs. Try it and upon hearing yourself forcing a laugh, you’ll be laughing naturally in no time. Laughing exercises a few muscles (face, chest, abdomen) and releases endorphins that make us feel good. Increasing laughter in your life helps you to feel better over time which almost always leads to more happiness.

Give thanks. Many times we focus on what we don’t have. Our lack of anything brings our emotions to a lower level. If we consistently think of our wants that are not ours we can never be happy. What we need to do is be thankful for what we do have. Maybe we don’t have that fancy sport car, but we do have a vehicle that takes us from one place to another while others need to bike or walk to get anywhere. Maybe we don’t have the mansion on the beach, but we do have shelter that keeps us warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot while others are living outside with nothing over their heads. We should give thanks daily for those things that help us live life as we do now, not as we would like to live. Knowing that we have everything we need (and not want) can help us to be happy.

 There is only one happiness in life -- to love and to be loved.

To Be HappyCredit: Amy Burton

Love yourself and others. No one is perfect; no matter what magazines or movies we watch that tell us otherwise. Once we are able to accept ourselves, flaws and all, we find that we love easier and more abundantly. Spreading love and sharing it with others can make you a happier person. You can find the good in almost everyone and they can find it in you. When you love, you become a person more people want to interact with. When love surrounds you life is just better and happier.

Follow your passions. Most often, we are not happy because we are not doing those things we enjoy doing. For some reason we put our passions aside to do those things that we don’t want to do and we become unhappy more and more as time goes by. We tend to have the all or nothing mentality. You don’t have to try to make a living off of a passion. You just have to fit it in your life. Just having a few minutes a day or a week to follow your passions is enough to keep you happy. Soon enough you will find yourself spending more time with your passions and happiness will be yours.

Be a Pollyanna. If you haven’t read the book Pollyanna, you must. It’s a feel good story about a girl who moves to a town where happiness is not a main concern of the townspeople. Everyone lives in this somber state of regret, remorse, or resignation of life. Pollyanna comes in and brings sunshine, joy, energy and most of all happiness to everyone. Be like Pollyanna and find the positive in anything or everything that life brings our way. It might be a little difficult at first, but before you know it, finding the positive will be quick and easy and bring you continued happiness by focusing good in all and everything.

Being in a state of happiness most of the time is going to take some effort. With hard work, determination and persistence, you can be a happy person no matter what situation you are in. What most people don’t understand is that you choose your level of happiness. Take the positive approach and choose to be happy.