You weighed the pluses and minuses of chicken keeping, and you have decided to take the plunge. Now you need to decide your next step. Do you go the pre-fabricated route, or do you get plans for chicken coops? How do you compare building a chicken coop to buying a chicken coop? This can be done by conducting the proper research.

The first question to answer is whether you have the time to build one from a set of plans. You can save time by buying a coop that is already built, but it will be more expensive. A good way to think about the idea of chicken keeping is whether you should even bother if time is a big issue. Taking care of these little creatures is a rich and rewarding experience, but it is also a time consuming one. It is imperative that you liberally give your time to your chickens. If time is not on your side, you probably should not be raising chickens.

Another key point when deciding to build or buy is the size and shape of your backyard. Perhaps you have a specific space where you want to place your coop. If your available space will not allow for a pre-built chicken coop, then you may need to find plans for building one. Even if your space will allow for a pre-built chicken coop, building from plans gives you more options. You will see that there are more chicken coops plans than pre-built coops.

Another key factor when thinking about building or buying a coop is the cost involved. It does not help you to spend too much on a pre-built coop, and then not have enough money to take care of the chickens. This is where plans for chicken coops makes building a structure an appealing option. You can find the set of plans that you like the most. Consider whether they are good for your situation. Then you buy the materials for the coop. This is much cheaper than buying one pre-assembled. You are not responsible for paying the labor to have it built. In addition, you can change the plans in little ways that suit your situation.

You will really see the difference between the two once your coop is constructed. For instance, you have purchased a pre-assembled coop, and you want to expand. A pre-built coop will not necessarily have the ability grow as your needs grow. Building one will give you the ability to add extensions to the coop when necessary. You will especially like this if you find that you love chicken keeping. Adding to your flock will end up being a snap.

It is very important to consider your individual situation when deciding whether to build plans for chicken coops versus buying a chicken coop. Cities often have strict laws in regards to chicken keeping and chicken coops. Using plans to build your own chicken coop can help you stay within those laws by helping you build a coop that meets the necessary standards.

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