DIY jewelry cleaning at home

Clean jewelry at home with these easy tips and tricks

Does your Silver, Platinum or Gold Jewelry need cleaning?

So, you finally noticed (or had someone notice for you) that your jewelry is in need of a good cleaning?  No sweat, Sage Findings has the answer you’ve been searching for.  Just look at this before and after picture.  Simply follow the cleaning guide below to see wonderful jewelry cleaning results at home!



How often should you be cleaning Silver jewelry?

Depending on your lifestyle, cleaning your jewelry can be a weekly or monthly event at minimum.  If you’re the type of person to attend many large gatherings, social events, or other dinners where you want your jewelry to sparkle diamonds and all, then you should be cleaning more often.  This article will show you a very cost effective method on how to keep your jewelry looking brand spanking new!

The Secret the jeweler revealed to me

One day I was at a very well known jewelry store and since I purchased a relatively expensive engagement ring from them, the manager of the store then revealed to me a little known trick on how they clean jewelry.  Can't wait?  O.K., I'll reveal it in the image below:



The Steps

  1. Step 1, you want to fill up a small glass ¼ of the way up with regular tap water or bottled water (whichever you prefer).
  2. Step 2, warm up the water in a microwave just enough to get the water hot to the touch (similar to what you would do to warm up a glass of tea).  You want it pretty hot but not scalding hot enough to burn human skin and cause injury.  It’s safe to error on the safe side and just warm up the water warm-to-hot.  Okay, enough of that… just be careful alright!
  3. Step 3, in your kitchen sink, block the sink hole or garbage disposer hole (whichever you have) with an appropriate blocker or stopper.  ****WARNING**** Make ABSOLUTELY SURE you cover these holes as you do not want any expensive jewelry falling down the pipes. ****YOU’VE BEEN WARNED****.  Next, remove glass with hot water into a kitchen sink (where the sink hole is completely plugged up from anything falling down it).
  4. Step 4, once the cup is safely resting in the sink (with sink hole covered), place exactly 1 oz. of “Mr. Clean”.  That’s right, Mr. Clean household cleaner.
  5. Step 5, get an old toothbrush (soft bristle) and dip it into the hot water mixed with 1 oz. of the Mr. Clean solution and then begin “gently” brushing your jewelry enough to foam it up with a good lather.                      clean.Jewelry
  6. Step 6, with the kitchen sink running water, hold jewelry underneath stream of gentle flowing water to clean off the dirty foam of what the toothbrush was able to lift off jewelry.
  7. Step 7, ****WARNING**** place your jewelry into the cup and Mr. Clean mixture so that they are completely submerged under water. You want to stir them around with the toothbrush for about 20 to 25 SECONDS ONLYAny longer than that and you risk damaging them so be very careful. ****YOU’VE BEEN WARNED****.
  8. STEP 8, after about 20 seconds of stirring them around gently remove the jewelry from the warm water (careful not to burn your hand if you made the water that hot).  Give them a final rinse with the running sink water and viola, your jewelry is clean, sparkling and looks just like NEW!
cleaned jewelry


Disclaimer Notice

My intention for this article is to help anyone keep his/her jewelry looking and feeling brand new, clean and shiny. I have made every effort to be as accurate and concise with the information presented here, but no warranty or complete accuracy is implied. The information I have posted is for guidance. By taking action upon yourself you are displaying 'cautionary acceptance' and any directions or steps outlined in the above article are hereby provided on an “as is” basis. The author shall not have any liability nor responsibility to any person or entity when it comes to any loss or damages by any person or entity either adhering, misusing or misinterpreting the instructions or recommendation I’ve made in the above article here on the site ( or 

How To Clean Jewelry

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