Google had just launched a series of gadgets to change the look of the front page of iGoogle. This gadget provides an opportunity for interaction among friends and people you do not known by a number of games and tools for the move. IGoogle gadget to interact in cyberspace have 19 different choices.
Google (formerly called Google Personalized Homepage) is an AJAX based start page that can be arranged at will, similar to Netvibes, Pageflakes, My Yahoo! and Windows Live Personalized Experience. This service was launched in May 2005 as the Google Personalized Homepage.
The service is updated and changed its name on April 30, 2007, and since October 17, 2007 is available in 42 languages, with domain 70 countries. This is a social networking site friends who seem to be one way to attract users from other friendship sites to interact on this site. Adding components friendship site on your iGoogle page will provide flexibility to users to share things such as watching videos on YouTube, playing Scrabble, and joined with a number of things to do together. By making your iGoogle OpenSocial API supported socialize applications, developers are now able to add some features to the development of the gadget to change the look of the front page of Google. iGoogle itself has developed a two features to the social friendship networks in which users can build their friends list and a section where users can see updates from people who were in contact list.
Until recently, iGoogle was still making Google as the main pages where there is a box for search engines, a normal user to access a number of favorite applications such as Gmail and the content they like such as newest articles, syndicated feeds, and weather information.
With a new dimension socialize, iGoogle seemed intended to reach the level of friendship site of the most popular today is Facebook. Nevertheless, Marissa Mayer who is also Vice President of Google to Product iGoogle states survive to the front page position can be changed according to the taste of the user.