Companies and businesses are largely dependent on software applications now to have their operations running without a hitch. Because of this, they are always either having software upgraded or developed. With the consistency of this need, many business owners and company executives are now wondering if they should just hire a developer to become one of their personnel or to just continue with the services of a software development firm. They are trying to see which of the two options will mean less hassle and costs to their operations.

Although it is nice to have your own developer within the company, there are many factors involved in hiring one. In fact, if you will take into account all the time, risks and responsibilities involved in hiring just one person to fill this position, you will find that it will cost you more in the long run than just hiring a firm to do a project for you.

One of the many considerations you have to think about in hiring an employee instead of a firm for software development or upgrade projects is the hiring process itself. This is very challenging and needs an expert manager to handle it. He needs to be experienced in judging a developer’s qualifications to ascertain if he is worth the compensation he is asking for. This means that your manager needs to spend some time to test prospective hires so that every aspect of programming and architecture will be given attention.

Another consideration is having someone oversee the hired software developer. The person to do this should have the necessary experience and technical knowledge to guide the developer on the project being handed to him. If you don’t have someone like this in the company, then there is a big chance of failure for your company if you will get yourself a developer without a supervisor. This is because you would end up wasting the money you will have to pay him for services rendered that may not, in the end, be in line with what you are looking for.

Hiring a software development firm, on the other hand, will do away with all these hassles for you. The only thing you will need to do is conduct some research into a candidate’s track record by looking at their accomplished projects and asking former clients for feedback on their work. You will also be able to know a reputable firm by how they will treat you right from the start like when you’d meet them during a consultation. You will know if they will provide you with plus services or just with services that any other developer could extend to you.