Loft InsulationCredit: RockwoolI have been thinking about insulating my house for some time now. As normal I did a pros and cons list. The pros list was a lot bigger than the cons however, I do believe the cons are a lot more important with the problems of global warming, carbon foot prints and the ozone depletion. What should I do?

The main problem I can foresee is the implications for the environment as mentioned above. I started to look on the internet and do some investigation into alternatives. I have to admit I was living in the past. In my mind we still had to wear big gloves to handle the glass fibre rolls of insulation. I could not have been more wrong. The new insulation is made from sustainable materials, it is safe to handle and a lot more productive than the old stuff. My whole pros and cons list had to be wiped up and I would have to start again. Upon reflection I should have done some research before doing my list.

Ok so now there are no cons on my list I have to now look at the materials and products available to me from my local do it yourself store. I took a trip to check it out. The choice was mind blowing - so many applications. They all do the same job however it was like buying a quilt for the bed. A quilt is measured in ‘tog’ and the rolls of insulation is measured in ‘density’.

The denser the roll, the thicker it was. I have to go home and measure the distance in between the wooden joists in my loft area. I also need to measure the height, this way I can ensure the new loft insulation (interesting to know is that one of my friends in Denmark refers to it as Nyt isolering af loft) will not protrude too high but will fit properly in between as any gap is a potential leak of expensive heat. I had read somewhere that you can buy sound proofing boards and they are also fire retardant. The reason why these interest me is that I live under the flight path of a local airport. The sound proof boards would increase my insulation properties and quieten down the noise of the jets.

With all my measurements to hand, I decided to go and purchase the new insulation rolls and boards. I have read so much about the benefits I am excited to put all this new education into practice. I had to have the materials delivered due to the volume.

The very next day all my stuff was delivered right on time. Just to add to my excitement the delivery van was powered by bio fuel. I got to work laying the rolls of loft insulation ensuring I had no gaps and pushing it in under the rafters. Then with a very large staple gun I fixed the fire resistant insulating sound proof boards down.

The difference was measured in two ways - the central heating was turned down by five degrees and the television volume reduced due to no plane engine noise.